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The most important position in the NFL that comes with enormous scrutiny and the even more prestige is the quarterback.  Finding a NFL starter can be difficult, one of this year’s wild cards dprescott(meaning someone who could be drafted after the first two rounds) is former Mississippi State signal caller Dak Prescott.  I watched his 2015 games against NC State, LSU, Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech, a 2014 game against Arkansas, and his Senior Bowl game and practices to get a good feel of what skills and attributes he brings to the next level.  This is what I found:

QB-Dak Prescott, Mississippi State, 6′ 2″ 226 lbs. 

Cons: The quarterback seems to have a drinking or common sense problem.  He received a DUI in early March 2016 and apparently got drunk during spring break in 2015 which helped position him to get into the losing end of a physical altercation.  Doesn’t scream “leader of men” to me.  Now to his football play:  Prescott has a bad habit of staring down his receivers, tries to throw across his body too much, and does always feel the pressure around him. The signal caller doesn’t use his legs to anchor throws and believes that he is more athletic than he really is.  His accuracy fades with passes over 25 yards down the field and he throws to open areas, not precise spots on the gridiron.  The former Bulldog tends to put too much air under his throws which forces his receivers to take more punishment when attempting to catch his passes.  Mississippi State played the majority of their snaps under shotgun, so the senior will need to get used to being close to the line of scrimmage.

Pros: He improved his play every season, never-resting on his laurels by always keeping the defense guessing.  The former Bulldog makes quick decisions with a powerful arm that tosses spirals. Prescott does some of his best work throwing on the run.  The signal caller is more accurate with passes in the middle of the field, uses the sidelines throws well, and is fearless taking chances especially bucket throws 40+ yards downfield.  He bounces back from mistakes quickly.  As a runner, Prescott is dangerous in the open field, uses stiff-arms to keep defenders at bay, and seems to see the field better as a runner than as a passer.  He gets low rushing with the pigskin and is excellent in the option game making defenders pay.

Overall thoughts: Character is a huge equalizer in the NFL and I am confident that Prescott will slip in the 2016 NFL Draft because of his alcohol issues.  The amount of the slide and loss of confidence won’t be so easy to decipher.  The quarterback still should get drafted in two quarterback and super flex leagues, but not before round four.  His upside is an Alex Smith-like career.

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