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gallonWe are now in the “dead zone” of the NFL football year.  This is the time for making sure your dynasty fantasy football taxi squads are full.  Sure these aren’t superstar players, but just like penny stocks their value could soar if you get lucky.  I based my write-ups on their performances during their 2014 collegian bowl games.

Jeremy Gallon, WR MICH NE
I’m an admitted Michigan fan and love the athletic skills that the diminutive play maker (5′ 8″ 183 lbs.) displays on the field.  He gets used in the reverse game a lot.  Gallon has the shiftiness and ability to sink his hips to catch the defense off guard.  The wide out lines up on the outside and in the slot while outmaneuvering away from the jam.  He fully extends himself to make  receptions, grabbing the ball in stride, while keeping an eye on the yard marker.  More physical defensive backs knock him around a bit, but he has good balance to take advantage of over-aggressive ones. Gallon tracks the ball well in the air and makes adjustments mid-stream to secure the catch.  Don’t underestimate his athleticism as he threw for a two point conversion catching the defense unaware.  The young receiver could begin his NFL career as a returner and then wow a team for more playing time.

Josh Huff, WR PHI
The wide receiver had a productive night against Texas finishing with over 100 yards and a touchdown.  He lined up in the backfield beside the quarterback and was also spread out wide.  Huff fully extends to catch the ball, usually making the reception in stride, and does a great job creating separation from the defensive backs.  His scoring play was a shovel pass that he ran like a running back weaving down the sidelines and hurdled his way into the end zone.  Huff made a few tough catches in the middle of the field and took the punishment for them.  I like what I see and am eager to see what NFL team drafts him.

De’Anthony Thomas, RB KC
While watching Thomas, I was reminded of Reggie Bush in his New Orleans Saints years.  He plays limited snaps while being used more as a receiver in the slot than a running back and did most of his damage in space. The running back showed good vision and patience on his kick returns and inside runs.  He has very quick feet that he uses to change direction, shows good balance, and sees the field well.  Thomas ran a wheel route that almost connected for a big gain as he has a great wiggle, sinking his hips, to get away from defenders.  There were a few plays he got behind the defense, but had to slow down to get to the passes.  I’m not convinced that he will be an every down player in the NFL, but he should be very productive as a fantasy starter.

Logan Thomas, QB ARIZ
The senior signal caller did not go out how he wanted in his last college game. He made some quick decisions, stepped up in the pocket, and when that collapsed, Thomas ran to daylight.  Yes, his injury shortened performance (didn’t make it to half time) got overshadowed by Brent Hundley’s awesome day, but the Hokies quarterback showed grit, split double coverage on a long toss, and got gang tackled after a long run.  In this year’s class, that might be enough to get him a few years to develop in the NFL.  If you play in a deeper league (16 teams or more), keep an eye on him. 

Andre Williams, RB NYG
He is a strong, powerfully built back at 6′ 227 lbs. with legs as big as Hall of Famer Earl Campbell’s in his heyday.  I almost thought he was a fullback when I first saw him on the field.  Williams finished the game with less than three yards a carry, 76 yards, but ended up with a short yardage touchdown.  The young back has a good forward lean, craves contact, and possesses phone booth quicks.  He needs to pick up his feet and run with more balance as he ran too upright.  Williams could be destined to be a short yardage back/fullback in the NFL as he caught a pass with his stomach and fell down shortly after.


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