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I must sound like a broken record these days in regards to the 2014 NFL Draft’s defensive end talent. When Jadeveon Clowney got drafted by the Texans, the defensive end crop weakened considerably.  One of those players that benefitted from dlawrencethat change was new Dallas Cowboys defensive end Demarcus Lawrence.  It was very unclear before the draft on whether he would get selected by a 3-4 team in the outside linebacker role or by a 4-3 team that wanted him as a rush end.  Lawrence hit the jackpot by going to the Cowboys.  I want to review the talents and skills the young defensive end is bringing to the NFL.  To get better informed, I reviewed four of the former 2013 Boise State games against Fresno State, Oregon State, Wyoming, and Brigham Young.

There were not many weaknesses to his game other than pass rushing moves.  What I meant by that is Lawrence would simply overpower and toss offensive linemen out of his way while he pursued the quarterback.  He shows the hint of a swim move, spins as a last resort, but relies almost exclusively on his bull rush and quickness.  To be an effective pass rusher, Lawrence will need to tell a story with spins, swim moves, combined with his bull rush.  The elite skills are there, because the young defensive end gets off the line quickly, keeping his hands/arms up to stop the offensive line from getting into his body.  Lawrence has great lateral agility which he uses to flow from side to side down the line of scrimmage.  He reads plays quickly and gets into position to disrupt the offense.

His motor is constantly running.  This was evident when Lawrence chased down 2014 first round speedster receiver Brandin Cooks 25 yards down the field.  I love the way he anchors his spot on the line of scrimmage using brute strength and great balance to force plays back inside.  He plays the run and pass equally well.  Lawrence can rush the passer from the three, five, or seven gap.  It does not matter to him, because when he is on, the defensive end cuts thru offensive lines like butter.  This makes him very valuable, because he can line up anywhere.  In a pinch, you can line him up in a two point stance to attack the signal caller.  The defensive end times his jumps well and can tip passes, causing disruption.  Opposing quarterbacks and ball carriers need to be ready for his powerful clubbing motion that separates the ball with ease.  In rookie drafts without a lot of defensive firepower, make sure you select Lawrence as your new high floor DE3.  The Cowboys are looking for defensive play makers with the loss of linebacker Sean Lee.  Lawrence might help them ease the pain..a little.

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