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Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills

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Every week during the season, I will throw out some quick observations of the previous NFL week. With the invention of the DVR and Directv’s ”Quick Bits”, I am able to watch almost every snap of every game and give you a lightning “blitz” war “krieg” to bring to your fantasy league for domination. Bring on the games!

Momentum is very important and when this game started the Titans were on the way up and when the game finished, it was the Steelers that had found their way.  Chris Johnson ran well early, but the Steelers ended up locking him down after the second series.  CJ250 finished with 51 yards on the ground and a TD.  Matt Hasselbeck did all he could dinking and dunking down the field.  Hasselbeck threw 49 times and completed 29 of them for 262 yards and threw a TD to Damien Williams.  Williams finished with 6 catches for 66 yards and may very well be the #2 WR in town.  The Steelers shifted momentum on special teams with the arm of a punter and the hands of a reserve safety as the fake punt generated excitement and sparked the Steelers offense.  Ben Roethlisberger was limping around the entire game, but that didn’t stop him from throwing 5 TDs for 228 yards.  New old OT Max Starks held his own after 9 months away from football.  Mike Wallace didn’t get back to his 100 yards, but he did chip in 6 catches for 82 yards and a TD.  Hines Ward showed the youngsters Antoinio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders how to play with 2 TD catches!  Issac Redman ran like he was Rudi Johnson (no-nonsense), but got banged up.  Jonathan Dwyer ran for 107 yards on 11 carries, but please remember 76 yards came on one run.  Rashard Mendenhall owners should be happy as well, because the o-line is running blocking better.

The next game, the hoodie vs. the mouth, was everything we weren’t expecting: a ground game was featured by both sides, Welker still got over 100 yards, Sanchez didn’t throw for 300?   The Jets committed to running the ball behind Shonn Greene who finished with 92 combined yards and a TD, as Tomlinson does not look to be a fantasy factor any more.  Mark Sanchez had a 61% completion rate and threw for 166 yards with 2 TDs.  Darrelle Revis spent a lot of time on Wes Welker, but Welker managed to get 5 catches for 125 yards.  Yes 77 yards of that was on a broken play, but he did find a way to keep the ball moving.  BJGE helped the Patriots power their way over the Jets with 27-136 yards and 2 TDs.  The Patriots tight ends spent some significant time blocking, much of that had to do with the health of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski. I expect them to be used more next week and beyond. Tom Brady once again threw for over 300 yards and a TD pass to Deon Branch. For the rest of the story, click here:

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