Skip navigation’s Editor-in-Chief Ryans Burns interviewed me for a Steelers draft preview:

The Pittsburgh Steelers Just Know How To Win. If you’ve heard it once, we’ve said it a million times.  And the primary reason for their extended success is their ability to draft. And it’s not a new thing.  The fortunes of this franchise swung with a single draft pick out of North Texas a little more than four decades ago, and they’ve been doing it right ever since.  Everywhere you look you see guys that are uniquely suited to play in Pittsburgh, both from a physical ability standpoint and a straight up toughness standpoint.  You have to be hard to play in Pittsburgh.  That’s indisputable.  Also indisputable is that this is a team that can compete for several more Super Bowls under the Tomlin/Roethlisberger combo, and the draft each year gives them another opportunity to re-load.  Last year, they grabbed Maurkice Pouncey to slide into a woeful offensive line, and the rookie stabilized it all by himself.  They’re no doubt at least giving a passing thought to reuniting him with his brother Mike, a C/G prospect out of Florida just like his twin brother.  Whomever they take early, rest assured he’ll be a really good football player.  We tracked down the prolific Andy Miley, co-founder of and lifelong Steelers fan, to shed a little light on the Steelers’ plans.  Follow Andy @AndrewMiley on Twitter.  The rest of the article can be found here:

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