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Your journey to fantasy football dynasty domination begins now when everyone else is laying off, thinking about only Super Bowl, basketball, or baseball.

The first step involved is seeing the players that won’t get drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft, and chances are they won’t get drafted in the first round of your rookie draft either.  The East/West Shrine game does have guys with funny hats that help out sick children, which is awesome, but there is more to the game than funny hats.  These college athletes are the ones that need exposure to the NFL scouts, before the combine, to see how they look amongst their peers.  Here are ten NFL prospects that intrigued me and my thoughts on them in the East/West Shrine game.

RB-Graig Cooper- I was impressed with his lateral movement.  He may be more of a WR than a RB; oh and Graig’s legs are twigs, but that didn’t stop Darren McFadden.

RB-Evan Royster-  This guy runs like BJGE, not a lot of flash or movement.  Evan is a straight ahead runner, but doesn’t have BenJarvus’ power or vision.  Truth be told BJGE doesn’t have a lot of power or vision.

RB-Delone Carter- He ran like a beast!  Delone has a lot of power, and good vision in a small, low to the ground.  Not sure if he is a workhorse back, but he will find a role in the NFL.

TE-Julius Thomas- He had a TD catch and a 2 pt conversion catch, but he made me smile.  Julius showed good hands, jumping ability, and wiggle.  I liked that in my cheerleaders when I was in high school and an NFL TE prospect now.

RB-Alex Green- Man, he was getting talked up with having great practices and running hard.  Alex ran hard, but fumbled twice.  Not sure if you can chance it with him.

DT-Marvin Austin- Great movement by the big guy; he had to be constantly double teamed and he still made big plays including a TD!

TE-Greg Smith- This TE was awesome finding his spot in the zone and was one of the game’s few effective receiving weapons.

S-Shiloh Keo-  He is an impressive returner and playmaker.  Shiloh may start off slow in the NFL, but once a team figures out how he can help them be out!

OLB/DE-Justin Trattou- He was making plays, pressuring the QB and making tackles. Keep an eye on him.

S/OLB-Winston Venable- I don’t think the word “playmaker” does this kid justice.  Watch out for him on Sunday afternoons.

Great running games this past Saturday, too bad the QBs couldn’t get the receivers the ball.  Keep an eye on these playmakers at the combine, the NFL Draft, and an NFL training camp near you.


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  1. Watching games like this is one of the things that helps astute fantasy players get a leg up on analyzing the rookies. Like you said, many of these guys don’t go in round 1, but we often see guys drafted in later rounds who make surprise fantasy football impacts and it’s just part of good prep work to pay attention to them when you can see them in game action.

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