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Tag Archives: what not to do in a dynasty

Today I write this with a very heavy heart.  A dynasty league that I started five years ago will be ending after Week 16.  Wait a minute, I’m a fantasy “expert” and I write commissioner articles.  How did this happen?

I have learned many lessons with this league.  Please make sure you build a dynasty league with a solid group of owners that have a common thread.  Get owners from a message board, a strong group of friends, a softball team, work, etc.  I did not do that with this league. It was a hodgepodge beginning with owners from all different places.  After looking to the other two dynasty leagues I was in at the time, I found several owners interested in playing a league with individual defensive players (IDPs).  Seven owners from those other leagues joined mine.  In my arrogance,  (click there for the rest)