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Maybe it’s just me, but with the proliferation of Draft Twitter and the multitudes of fantasy football sites, I believe it is important to know someone’s background before reading their work aka “don’t follow false prophets”. Speaking of myself and only myself, I have watched football for over 43 years of my 47 years on this earth. That alone, however, does not make me a good judge of football talent. I played football for four years between junior high and high school where I was a starting guard, sometimes center and began defense as a defensive end, but eventually played both inside and outside backer spots. Once again, that does not qualify me to be an expert at football, just some experience playing the game. Read More »


Can you feel the excitement in the air?  Fantasy football is ready to go on tilt!  All NFL training camps are opening this week.  That means fantasy football players will get flooded with everyone’s sleepers and opinions for two months prior to the fireworksstart of the regular season.  Let’s use this time in a different way, by educating yourself to spot things.  Find ways to exploit the news and the preseason games to your advantage.

Do not over-react to news

If you follow people on Twitter, find beat writers or national reporters that support their information.  Has that writer been following the team for years with an ear to ownership or the coaching staff?  Sometimes they could be getting the information spoon fed to them with some alternative motives, look into it and don’t trust blindly.  Unless I’m hearing it directly from Adam Schefter or Steelers beat writer that I trust, I tend to wait for official word to come out.

Injuries are a little different in my eyes. I tend to react a bit quicker to those concerns versus playing time/coaching issues.  Read More »

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