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This is the third in a six part series covering the 2014 Senior Bowl and practices that occurred in January that could give you more insight for your rookie drafts.

This is day three, the last real practice with the most hitting and realistic conditions.  It was a lot colder than I expected for Alabama (27 degrees in the morning practice), but the players were ready to go and show off their new skills and seniorbowl2talents. Teamwork was more evident today. Even ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted about some of the impressions the players had made here in Alabama.  Here are my thoughts on the players Wednesday practices broken down in alphabetical order:

Antonio Andrews, RB W KY

The young back has soft hands and impressed me with a one-handed catch that he made off-balance.  He is a fighter when it came to pass blocking drills as he never gave up.  Andrews uses his quick feet, runs crisp routes gaining separation from his coverage, and carries the ball well inside.  He did not finish the practice, but he looked fine standing on the sidelines.
Jared Abbrederis, WR WISC
The receiver made a habit of confusing his coverage by starting a route to the inside and then crossing up to break outside.  I don’t think I saw him catch the ball with anything, but his hands, never letting it into his body.  Abbrederis shows good body control, catches the ball well in traffic, and moves well laterally.  Once again he was the best receiver in the North.

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We take a quick walk down memory lane to give you some more insight into your rookie drafts.

It’s day two here in Mobile and it was time for some full pads football.  There was too much stretching, a lot of wind, but a great time was had by all watching today’s practices.  Cross training was on display, making sure that players had the chance to improve, adjust, and showcase their strengths.  I will say, if you ever get the chance to come and watch practices, you will get to see some of the best stretching know to man, but on to the practices.  I list the players in alphabetical seniorbowlorder:

Jared Abbrederis, WR WISC
The slim receiver has a good burst, catches the ball in front, and always catches the pigskin with his fingertips.  He isn’t afraid to make the difficult catch in traffic, and creates separation with crisp routes and good footwork.  Abbrederis is the best North receiver in my eyes.

Antonio Andrews, RB W KY
Andrews improved on his great Monday practice with a better one on Tuesday.  He did not let a single robber get past him in the pass blocking drill.  The back kept his feet driving, so he might get the chance to be a three down back with a little seasoning.  Andrews has quick hips, can start and stop on a dime, and uses good downfield vision to help him read running lanes and key on blocks.

Jeremiah Attaochu, OLB/DE
The defensive hybrid gets low, has a solid base, and can be quick while powerful in the same movement.  Attaochu is great at getting to the quarterback whether he is lined up as a defensive end or an outside backer.  He will do whatever it takes to bring the signal caller down. Read More »

Sometimes with dynasty leagues, the idea of ranking rookie defensive backs is quite silly. More often than not, it is the opportunity that decides their value. NFL teams that have great scoring offenses usually give defensive backs morepryor2 chances to make plays as the other team is playing behind and will be less conservative with the pigskin. This is my top ten pre-draft assessments of the defensive backs by talent and football IQ.

1.Calvin Pryor, S, Louisville

This safety is the hardest hitter in his class. He reads the field well with excellent vision and gets himself in the best spot to make plays. Pryor uses his physicality and seems to be a bit of a head hunter. He isn’t smooth in coverage and can fall for multiple move fakes. If Pryor ends up with a team that has weak linebackers, he might lead his team in tackles. Read More »