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The 2016 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching and one of the trickiest positions to fill is that of a tight end.  For every Rob Gronkowski in the league, there are ten Vance McDonalds.  Former ahooperStanford Cardinal Austin Hooper is somewhere between my Gronk-McDonald comparison.  He wasn’t a featured target with only 74 career receptions in two years of work, so film work is a bit limited.  I reviewed his 2015 game against USC, a 2014 Notre Dame game, and his career highlights to get a better idea of what skills and attributes he will deliver to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

TE-Austin Hooper, Stanford 6′ 4″ 254 lbs. Read More »


Another receiver I got excited to see down in Mobile was Stanford’s Ty Montgomery.  He did not stand out much during the practices, so I decided to review a few of his games to get a better idea tymontof his skill set.  After reviewing games against UC Davis, Notre Dame, Utah, California, Washington, and Oregon, I saw a talented playmaker who appears to be a better special teamer than a receiver.

WR Ty Montgomery, Stanford 6’ 2” 215 lbs.

Cons: Montgomery does not have the foot speed to change directions quickly with that he doesn’t get much downfield separation; he is more of a one cut and go, long strider.  The wide out suffers to concentrate when he isn’t targeted as often as he would like.   There were too many passes that he let into his body, instead of snaring the pigskin in the air.  Read More »