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The 2016 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching and one of the trickiest positions to fill is that of a tight end.  For every Rob Gronkowski in the league, there are ten Vance McDonalds.  Former ahooperStanford Cardinal Austin Hooper is somewhere between my Gronk-McDonald comparison.  He wasn’t a featured target with only 74 career receptions in two years of work, so film work is a bit limited.  I reviewed his 2015 game against USC, a 2014 Notre Dame game, and his career highlights to get a better idea of what skills and attributes he will deliver to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

TE-Austin Hooper, Stanford 6′ 4″ 254 lbs. Read More »


This is an amazing time for dynasty fantasy football.  We are beginning to get some rookie practice reports; all kinds of fantasy football drafts are underway which gives everyone a chance to put theirevans1 money where their mouth is in respect to player evaluation and strategy.  I joined a start-up league run by my buddy Stan Hyatt.  It is a 12 teamer with 40 regular roster spots and five taxi squad spots (rookies only).  The lineups are as follows: 1 QB, 2-3 RBs, 2-5 WRs, 1-3 TEs (need eight combined players out of RB/WR/TE spots), 1 K and on the defensive side 3-4 LBs, 3-4 DBs, 2-3 DLs with ten total defensive starters.  It is PPR scoring for all positions, tackle heavy IDP scoring, 6 points for every touchdown, .1 points per 1 yard of offense (rushing and receiving), and .05 per yard of passing and/or returns.  I was lucky enough to end up with my favorite roster spot, 10th overall in a straight snake format.  You can find the league here:

1.01 QB Andrew Luck, Colts

Sure this is the best quarterback in dynasty to own and could be the highest scoring player again this year.  I believe Luck is a top eight to ten pick, but this early was a bit too soon for me.  After Aaron Rodgers, who got selected at 1.07, there wasn’t another one picked until the fourth round aka wait. Read More »

Is he a tight end or is he a wide receiver?  Michigan’s Devin Funchess has some great film out there and has some junk plays, too.  His timed forty at the NFL Combine did not impress with a dfunchesspedestrian 4.70 for a wide out, but improved his time a lot in Ann Arbor.  I attempted to take off my fandom hat as I came into this world in Ann Arbor and reviewed seven of his games against Notre Dame, Appalachian State, Utah, Ohio State, Indiana, Penn State, and Michigan State.  This was a broad view because it featured him playing some wide receiver this season and tight end last season.  This is what I saw:

TE/WR Devin Funchess, Michigan 6’ 4” 232 lbs.

Cons: My first criticism of Funchess is that it takes him too much time to get to full speed and then also gear down to change directions aka a long strider.  This causes him to chop his feet too much, which lets defensive backs and linebackers get the chance to stay close to him.  I rarely saw him shield the ball from defenders; instead he would rather be in jump ball situations.  The play maker must make better use of his size against smaller defenders. Read More »

In fantasy football, there are some new trends that I enjoy writing about: dynasty leagues, and individual defensive player leagues.  This weekly column will combine two of those by discussing two young IDPs.  I will give my scouting thoughts vaccaroon how they played a particular week.  Today I will be discussing the Jets linebacker Demario Davis and Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro.

LB-Demario Davis, NYJ- In Rex Ryan’s defense, the young linebacker got forced into lining up against various talented Patriots offense players: tight end Tim  Wright, wide receiver Julian Edelman, and running back Shane Vereen in pass defense.  Davis did not fare well against the tight end or wide receiver as he fell down a few times due to their suddenness versus his lack of quickness.  I was quite surprised that Tom Brady did not go after the linebacker more as he was clearly a liability in the Jets weak pass defense.  He did have some good battles with Vereen, but got beaten on the back’s second touchdown catch of the night. Read More »

It had been awhile since I had dipped my feet into a dynasty fantasy football auction.  In my last auction article , I found myself with four starting quarterbacks in a auctionsquarterback flex league investing 35% of my auction/salary funds (I got caught trying to price enforce).

By use of some savvy bidding, good nominations, and taxi squad demotions (players held there only cost 10% of their price with only rookies and second year players allowed), I recovered to get some good values in the auction and built up my individual defensive players (IDPs).  For me, the auction is over.  I might be able to trade a quarterback or two for better runners or receivers, but I am ready to make do with the team I built.  For the complete auction and league, click on the myfantasyleague here .  Before the season starts in this league, every owner must choose how many years to put on a player’s contract (rookies are automatically given a four-year contract).  Each contract goes up 5% each year, so that must be factored in when deciding the length of the contract.  Cutting a player early causes a 15% penalty for each remaining year (hopefully I haven’t lost you and I’m not lost on the rules myself). Read More »


Image by KellBailey via Flickr

Every week during the season, I will throw out some quick observations of the previous NFL week. With the invention of the DVR and Directv’s ”Quick Bits”, I am able to watch almost every snap of every game and give you a lightning “blitz” war “krieg” to bring to your fantasy league for domination. Bring on the games!

In the battle of the AFC North, the Steelers took on the Bengals.  The Steelers jumped to a quick 14 point advantage and held on to win 24 to 17.  Super rookie AJ Green had a single catch, a 36 yard TD, before leaving due to a lower leg injury.  It was another amazing catch as he caught it in between the Steelers starting safeties.  Andy Dalton looked efficient throwing the short passes, but only completed 50% of his passes for 170 yards with 2 TDs and 2 interceptions.  Andrew Hawkins filled in for Green by hauling in 5 balls out of 6 targets.  The Bengals defensive line got to Ben Roethlisberger as he was sacked 5 times.  Ben’s numbers look worse than what they were mostly due to an interception caused by Heath Miller (3-31 yards) bumbling the ball.  Roethlisberger completed 21 out of 33 for 245 yards with a TD and the previously mentioned interception.  Antonio Brown was his safety valve by catching 5 for 86 out of 6 targets.  Mike Wallace had an up and down day with 5 receptions for 47 yards and 2 reverses for 31 yards.  Wallace did have several drops.  Rashard Mendenhall had a productive day with 2 short yardage TDs and 70 total yards.  CB William Gay sealed the game for the Steelers with a steal of a Dalton pass with 2:30 to play.

It was Seattle’s “12th man” and Marshawn Lynch that made the difference for the Seahawks at home.  Tavaris Jackson was an adequate QB completing 63% of his passes for 217 yards and when I write adequate, I mean he didn’t lose the game with turnovers or bad decisions.  Lynch was the workhorse as he touched the ball 37 times for 167 yards combined and had a short TD run.  For more click here:

St. Louis Rams helmet

Image via Wikipedia

After the former Denver Head Coach Josh McDaniels was hired as the new St. Louis Offensive Coordinator, it was just a matter of time before he wanted to use what his first NFL team, the New England Patriots, had discovered…”In the Tight End(s) we trust.”  Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were used well by his former Patriots last year and McDaniels took notice. QB Sam Bradford was very successful in his rookie season using wide receivers and running backs, so McDaniels decided to build on that with a TE target similar to what he had at Oklahoma (Jermaine Gresham) with the move TE Lance Kendricks. 

To continue with the rest of the article click here: