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One of the biggest issues that face fantasy football dynasty leagues is how to handle the departure of teams.  Some owners get over their heads with the type of leagues they join, others mismanage themselves past the point of a recovery that quinnthey feel is fixable, and fantasy players can over commit their time and/or money into too many leagues.  Leagues need to create ways to survive these hiccups or else the fantasy squad you are building for future seasons will never see the light of day.  Clearly create rules for the departure of teams.  The best example of this is to have a ROD aka a replacement owner draft.  This is when you remove all the players on teams that are getting replaced, their former rookie draft picks, and add any available free agents into the draft pool.

This creates a group of players available to be drafted onto the new owners teams.  It is very important for new owners to have a sense of control with acquiring and building a team to their liking.  This builds commitment with the new owners and their teams.  Many times there will not be enough talent to make a contending team right away, so award compensatory picks in the rookie draft.  Sure this seems like it is taking a bit away from the current owners, but it is investing in the league’s future.  Constant owner turnover can be the sign of poor choices in ownership selection, leadership issues, or an unbalanced league. Read More »