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With the 2016 NFL Draft right around the corner, dynasty fantasy IDP owners need to separate the wheat from the chaff.  A big topic of discussion is former Eastern Kentucky/Ohio State nspencedefender, Noah Spence.  He has a lot of athleticism, but has a serious substance abuse problem.  I reviewed his 2015 Eastern Kentucky games against Valparaiso, Kentucky, and NC State, along with his 2013 Ohio State games versus Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, and California to get a better feel what skills and attributes this young man brings to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

DE/OLB-Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky 6′ 2″ 251 lbs. Read More »


Every year the NFL Draft has stories upon stories, but Cardale Jones’ is one for the ages.  The former third string quarterback became the starter in the 2014 Big Ten Championship Game and cjonescontinued that momentum into a three game winning streak that won Ohio State a national championship.  He got handed the starting nod in 2015 only to lose the job in a blow out against Penn State.  So now Jones enters the 2016 NFL Draft full of questions: I reviewed his 2014 games against Michigan and Wisconsin, then his 2015 contests versus Virginia Tech, Penn State, and Maryland to get a better idea of the skills and abilities the young man will bring to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

QB-Cardale Jones, Ohio State 6′ 5″ 253 lbs. Read More »

For the past few seasons, Ohio State got rewarded with dominate play makers.  With the 2016 NFL Draft approaching, most of the Buckeye defense decided to migrate to the NFL and one of theirdlee biggest pieces is linebacker Darron Lee.  He reminds many people of the Steelers weak side backer Ryan Shazier with whom they share a school and amazing athleticism.  I reviewed several of Lee’s 2015 games against Michigan State, Notre Dame, Hawaii, and the last two Michigan contests to get a better feel for what this young man brings skills and attribute-wise to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

LB-Darron Lee, Ohio State, 6′ 1″ 232 lbs. Read More »

The 2016 NFL Draft is less than a month away and one of the top defensive prospects is former Ohio State defensive end, Joey Bosa.  He has good defensive blood lines as both his father, John jbosaBosa, and uncle, Eric Kumerow, got drafted by an NFL team in the first round.  They were both selected at the 16th slot (1987 and 1988, respectively), but were out of the league within four years.  While this is a different generation, does this impact Joey Bosa’s usefulness to fantasy owners?   I reviewed five of his 2015 games against Notre Dame, Rutgers, Michigan, Michigan State, and Indiana to get a better feel of what skills and attributes this young man will bring to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

DE-Joey Bosa, Ohio State 6′ 5″ 269 lbs.  Read More »

The 2016 NFL Draft is filled with play makers of all kinds of receivers: tall, fast, and limber, short, quick, and powerful, or different combinations of those traits.  Former Buckeye wide out Jalin jmarshallMarshall is one of the most versatile offensive weapons in his class and to most is an afterthought.  There are plenty of question marks about this young man with his limited playing time, so I reviewed his games against Michigan, Michigan State, and Western Michigan to get a better feel for what skills and attributes he will bring to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

WR-Jalin Marshall, Ohio State, 5’10” 200 lbs. Read More »

There are hundreds of stories being told about the 2016 NFL Draft class.  One the most interesting transformations is about an athletic quarterback into a receiver.  Hines Ward was the mostbmiller successful transition so far (yes he played some quarterback and running back for Georgia), while former Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson failed moving to a hybrid running back/receiver role.  Like Ward, Miller changed positions with at least collegian season to work on his craft.  To get a better idea of what skills and attributes the play maker is bringing to the NFL, I reviewed his games against Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Rutgers, and his Senior Bowl game and practices.  Here is what I saw:

WR-Braxton Miller, Ohio State 6′ 1″ 201 lbs.  Read More »

Another highly regarded receiver who came to Mobile for Senior Bowl week was Ohio State’s Devin Smith.  Despite the national championship hype surrounding him, the wide out had a relatively dsmithquiet week of practices and game.  I reviewed five of his games against Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Oregon, and Alabama to get a better idea of what he can bring to an NFL team.  This is what I saw:

WR Devin Smith, Ohio State 6’ 1” 200 lbs.

Cons: While a receiver doesn’t have to be Hines Ward-esque as a blocker, I saw a variety of efforts from him.  Sometimes Smith did a good job squaring up the defender and took them away from the play, and then other times he barely looked the defense’s direction when he didn’t have the ball.  Why wasn’t this playmaker used on the gridiron more?  He appeared in only about a third of the Buckeyes plays, so were there unreported conditioning issues? Read More »