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In my weekly column, we take a long look at impact fantasy football rookies.  I compare their performance to date against my original expectations of them.  Let’s continue this 2014 version of odbthe series by looking at one of my highest rated wide receivers, Odell Beckham Jr.  I will look at some of his college production against his performance versus Philadelphia to discern his dynasty value.

Here are my thoughts after watching the receiver in college: Once he has the ball in his hands, Beckham uses a strong stiff-arm to keep defenders away from him and seems to love to hand fight while running patterns.  This helps him exploit the defenses with the extra separation.  Beckham Jr. fools his coverage to cover one path, but quickly shifts his hips to explode down the field in a different direction.  His cut back ability in the open field, makes him quite dangerous because the young receiver starts and stops making the defense go right past him.

As a receiver, Beckham Jr. explodes off the line quickly and shields the pigskin from the defender covering him.  He has a great habit of making the first man miss.  The young wide occasionally lets the ball into his body, but it seems this is more about the quarterback’s ball placement which gave Beckham no other way to make the catch.  The wide out has quick feet, which makes him effective on reverses with his loose hips while he reading the offensive line’s blocks well. Read More »


Since most of us are in the middle of rookie drafts or we have just completed them, I am continuing my three-part weekly series (heck if it gets even more reads, I might add a fourth part) discussing the trends that are occurring in fantasy football rookie drafts.  The first article got based on 75 rookie drafts completed, and now we are over 400 rookie-only drafts!  When a trend isn’t really changing like Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans get drafted one and two in almost every single draft, then I will discuss other players unless their draft position is changing dramatically.  As always, my thoughts get based on dynasty PPR leagues with sacks being worth 2.5 times that a tackle is worth.

Some of these next selections may not be exciting per se, but these trends are important to note.  WR Odell Beckham, Jr, who got drafted by the Giants, has on average been selected sixth overall in fantasy rookie drafts.  Some people feel he is too much of a Victor Cruz clone and he will struggle to play on the outside.  One assumes risk with this pick because of the way the New York offense struggled last season.  Beckham is a safe, but unspectacular pick in the middle of the first round of dynasty fantasy rookie drafts.  I envision him to hold WR3-4 value this season. Read More »


Rankings about each position are great, but in the real world there aren’t drafts that are only quarterbacks, running backs, or linebackers, etc. I will do sort the top 44 fantasy relevant players within a two to four-year window.  I will base mywatkins rankings on a points per reception format, four points per passing touchdown, 6 points for all other touchdowns, sacks worth two and a half times what a tackle is worth, and turnovers on offense minus two with plus two for the defense.

1.WR Mike Evans, Bucs– He has the size, speed, hands, and surrounding weapons to be the best fantasy season this year and can only grow in the offense.  I think he will have a better pro career than his teammate Vincent Jackson.

2. WR Sammy Watkins, Bills- Watkins is the most elusive, quick-twitched receiver in this rookie class.  Sure he is shorter than Evans, but he gets EJ Manuel throwing him the ball.  Evans gets Josh McCown or Mike Glennon, hence the one spot differential in your rookie dynasty drafts. Read More »

The excitement generated by the draft weekend has come and gone.  Now is the time to put in the hard work as your rookie fantasy drafts are upon us. My dynasty fantasy rankings get based on a three to four-year window, not their immediate impact.  Talent and evanssituation gets considered here. This is where the meat and potatoes of the rookie draft values are this year, so get a few helpings of fantasy goodness with this position.

1. Mike Evans, Bucs- He is a big, fast receiver that can box out coverage.  Now Evans gets featured in the same offense with Vincent Jackson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins (all members of the Three Towers).  That is too much for one secondary to handle, combined with the Bucs good rushing attack to worry about too.  Give me that talent plus the situation where you aren’t even the number one target to defend.  I’m taking Evans as my number one pick overall. Read More »

beckhamEvery year during the NFL Combine, a few players start to creep up the boards that may have originally been considered afterthoughts.  This offseason Odell Beckham Jr. is one of those athletes that is making a name for himself.  I decided to go back and watch five of his 2013 games: Ole Miss, Georgia, Mississippi State, UAB, and TCU to get a good perspective of what kind of athletic skills he possesses if they transfer to the next level.

Although former LSU receiver looks big on the screen, he is a muscular 5′ 11″ 198 lbs. who ran a good, but not great 40 of 4.43 at the Combine.  The wide out is a very versatile player as he can play on the outside of the formation, in the slot, and returns both punts and kickoffs.  Some people could see him as a WR1 in the NFL; however I think he will be an excellent NFL and dynasty WR2. Read More »

The 2014 rookie wide receiver class might be one of the juiciest that we have had in years. There are big, physical receivers as well as small, quick twitched ones. I will rank where I have these players about how successful I think they watkinswill be in a two to three-year window. This is a snapshot before their worlds get changed with the team that drafts them. Please read my individual play reports for more involved player descriptions.

1. Sammy Watkins, Clemson

He is simply the best play maker in his class. The receiver mostly ran short routes and bubble screens in college, but has great athleticism and the best catch radius of his class. I have him in my top eight dynasty wide receivers regardless of where he goes. Sure Watkins is not a huge physical receiver, but he has enough quicks to separate from most NFL coverage. Read More »