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The amazing time for dynasty fantasy football continues.  We are getting some rookie practice reports; all kinds of fantasy football drafts are underway which gives everyone a chance to put their hardymoney where their mouth is in respect to player evaluation and strategy.  I joined a start-up league run by my buddy Stan Hyatt.  It is a 12 teamer with 40 regular roster spots and five taxi squad spots (rookies only).  The lineups are as follows: 1 QB, 2-3 RBs, 2-5 WRs, 1-3 TEs (need eight combined players out of RB/WR/TE spots), 1 K and on the defensive side 3-4 LBs, 3-4 DBs, 2-3 DLs with ten total defensive starters.  It is PPR scoring for all positions, tackle heavy IDP scoring, 6 points for every touchdown, .1 points per 1 yard of offense (rushing and receiving), and .05 per yard of passing and/or returns.  I was lucky enough to end up with my favorite roster spot, 10th overall in a straight snake format.  You can find the league here:

21.04 WR Josh Gordon, Browns and 22.01 DE Greg Hardy, Cowboys

These are two of the most talented players at their positions.  Both have many demons to battle to be productive.  I have no desire to have either on my team, but the price is reasonable enough to consider it here.  Read More »


While the NFL Draft is full of budding superstars, there are always skilled college players that did not play at the best schools or were apart of committees that go onto success at the next level.  This karloswbrings me to Florida State’s runner Karlos Williams.  While he did not get a lion’s share of the Seminole carries, the back was productive as I saw in his games against NC State, Miami, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Idaho, and Duke.  I think he could have some success at the next level, perhaps in a LeGarrette Blount-ish role.  Here are my thoughts:

RB Karlos Williams, Florida State, 6’ 1” 230 lbs.

Cons: This first thing I noticed is that he doesn’t create space on his own.  He runs a bit high and lets defenders get into his body too often, taking away his power.  Williams is a better outside the tackles runner than an inside force.  There were a few times he tried to get cute by reversing his field and turned his back to the defense.  That type of style didn’t work well for former Steeler/Cardinal Rashard Mendenhall and I doubt Williams has the quicks to pull it off either.  He shows a decent effort in pass blocking, but needs to work on his technique by getting low and sinking his hips before making contact with pass rushers. Read More »

The NFL preseason is now over.  Many younger and/or fringe players are fighting for roster spots on NFL and fantasy football teams as you read. We got slight glimpses into the thought pattern of some teams with how much or how little these jfootathletes played and others we will never know.  Here are my general thoughts about some of the more interesting younger players or free agents from the first half of their last preseason game.

Browns vs. Bears

This is one of those games only the fantasy community and the greater Northeast Ohio area could love (I speak from experience coming from Wayne County).  Johnny Manziel plays like a crazy man.  One minute the quarterback shows patience in the pocket, sets his feet, perhaps he bootlegs one side or the other, and then throws with a solid motion connecting downfield.  On the very next play, the rookie tosses a wobbly duck across his body.  Two plays after that Manziel doesn’t feel pressure and gets strip sacked.  Fast forward to the next series, he runs around in the backfield trying to give his receivers time to get open downfield then runs for a five yard gain.  Inconsistency is the name of his game.  The running back race just got a lot tighter with rookie Isaiah Crowell showing up in the third quarter to have over one hundred yards on 13 carries.  Yes, most of the people playing at that time are not NFL employees anymore, but the troubled free agent rookie finally shined carrying tacklers with him.  Crowell got low, ran thru defenders, and demonstrated a high effort.  Read More »

Tony Romo - 2009 - Dallas Cowboys vs. Kansas C...

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Every week during the preseason and season, I will throw out some quick observations of the previous NFL week. With the invention of the DVR and Directv’s ”Quick Bits”, I am able to watch every snap of every game and give you a lightning “blitz” war “krieg” to bring to your fantasy league for domination. “Yes, I made it through the rain, I kept myself protected.” Here is Blitzkrieg Preseason Week 3, Part Two.

I might be crazy, but every time I see Eric Decker in his #87 Broncos jersey, I’m thinking Ed McCaffery and it is starting to show more on the field. Denver LB DJ William’s elbow injury that sidelines him for 3-4 weeks will cause big ripples in IDP leagues. Leon Washington sure has a little wiggle left and he may have won himself the 3rd down role. Tavaris Jackson is looking like a non-fantasy factor which hurts Zach Miller and Sidney Rice owners significantly. Click for the rest here: