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Another surprise of mine from the Senior Bowl week was Nebraska running back, Ameer Abdullah.  He had a good week of practice, but even splashed more during the game, accounting for over aa110 total yards.  I reviewed six of his college games against USC, Rutgers, Michigan State, Illinois, Miami, and Florida Atlantic to get a better read on what he can bring to the next level and your dynasty fantasy team.

RB Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska 5′ 9″ 195 lbs.

Cons: The first thing that jumped out at me is he doesn’t always pick up his feet which causes the back to get tripped up more easily.  Abdullah doesn’t have much leg power, which hurts him in short yardage situations and relies a lot on his offensive line to create open spaces.  This was very clear against Michigan State where he averaged less than three yards a carry, but found his way into the end zone twice.  I am also concerned with his ability to anchor in pass protection (legs are too far apart) so the runner gets knocked backwards.  Abdullah tries to cut down the pass rusher at the knees, while not looking very comfortable attempting to block. Read More »


For the rest of December I will review several skill positions and try to decide their fantasy role for 2012.  It has been a season filled with great performances and utter disappointments from the rookie running backs.  After 13 weeks, this is as good of a time to determine what we learned so far.  Enjoy!

DeMarco Murray

2011 stats through Week 13:  158 carries for 870 yds with 2 TDs, 25 catches for 177 yds

Current role: Starter

2012 expectations:  Murray has the starting gig for the Cowboys; however he has slumped after losing his starting fullback for a few games.  Although Murray acquired the starting job after a Felix Jones injury, he has the better talent set and the killer instinct that Jones lacks.  For the rest click here:

QB Andy Dalton

Image by Navin75 via Flickr

Every week I will take a look at the rookie play to gage how some of the rookies were used.  I will then try to decide if you should pick these rookies up from your waiver wire or attempt to secure them in a trade.

Julio Jones hurt his hamstring and left the field before the end of the first half.  The good news is he walked under his own power.  He looked amazing the week before but only managed one catch and one carry in this game before he was injured.  Jones is a wait and see guy.  Better days are coming, but I’m not sure how great they will be until Michael Turner is in an another uniform.  For the rest, click here:


Image by crawford orthodontics via Flickr

Every week I will take a look at the rookie play to gage how some of the rookies were used.  I will then try to decide if you should pick these rookies up from your waiver wire or attempt to secure them in a trade.

Stevan Ridley rushed 10 times for 97 yards against the Raiders.  He was dancing in his first few carries, but decided to get serious and stuck his foot in the ground and ran in for a 33 yard TD. With Green-Ellis’ plodding running style, I would look for Ridley to get more of Bill Belicheck’s confidence and carries.  He still might be available in shallow leagues.

Last week’s rookie superstar, Torrey Smith, had one catch for one yard.  Smith did have 6 targets and had an opportunity in the end zone that didn’t work out.  He will be a matchup guy.  A lot of his value depends on the health of Lee Evans.  I wouldn’t drop someone to pick him up, but if you have him, hold. For the rest:


Smith with the Terrapins in 2009.

Image via Wikipedia

Every week I will take a look at the rookie play to gage how some of the rookies were used.  I will then try to decide if you should pick these rookies up from your waiver wire or attempt to secure them in a trade.

RB Stevan Ridley managed 7 carries for 44 yards against the Bills.  When Green-Ellis struggled running the ball (1.8 average), Belichick turned to Ridley.  If he continues to run tough inside, Ridley may get more playing time to protect the Patriots porous passing defense.

WR Dane Sanzenbacher had a TD with 5 receptions for 27 yards against Green Bay.  Right now, he is getting the looks Earl Bennett was getting when Bennett was healthy.  Sanzenbacher is hard to count on considering his low yardage and depending on him to score each week. For the rest of the article click here:


The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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Every week during the preseason and season, I will throw out some quick observations of the previous NFL week.  With the invention of the DVR and Directv’s “Quick Bits”, I am able to watch every snap of every game and give you a lightning “blitz” war “krieg” to bring to your fantasy league for domination.

Cleveland QB Colt McCoy looked ready to command the passing offense even with limited options available.  New hybrid WR/TE Evan Moore, often injured, played well.  McCoy is continuing to build rapport with Moore and rookie WR Greg Little.

If you have Nate Burleson down as a sleeper, it might be a little too late.  He is a legitimate #3 fantasy WR.  Stafford has looked good so far and I say that with much hesitation as who knows how long he will last into the season.  On that same line of reasoning, Jahvid Best played a single series versus the Browns.  I own him and am now officially going to pick up Jerome Harrison as I don’t trust his head or toes to last more than 12 weeks.

Is it Spiller time in Buffalo?  CJ Spiller started the game and looked more explosive and decisive early in the game.  As the game progressed, Spiller got caught up in the wash a few to many times, but it was encouraging.  I still believe more in Fred Jackson.

Click here for the rest of the article:

Aaron Rodgers in pre-game warmups at the Green...

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By Guest Writer: Jim Day

Some good friends of mine started a new IDP Dynasty league with a very ingenious name; “The League”. Truly a one of a kind name for a one of a kind league. Okay, I kid, I kid…

But seriously, there are many very knowledgeable Fantasy Football players in this league and with a 35-round initial draft in front of them; you can bet a lot of different strategies were at play. With a first Dynasty draft, finding that exact mix of experience and youth that can bring you to a Championship is a daunting task.

Many have tried to put together a formula that will guarantee a winning team in any Dynasty draft, but there is no formula that will ever be a consistent winner, as every draft takes on a life of its own. You have 11, 13 or even 15 other owners trying to do the same thing as you are, depending on your league size.

In this league there are 12 owners including: Andy Miley of, Susan Shan of, Bryan Fontaine and Eric Yeomans of, Ryan Burns and Sen Sogah of, Brian Quinlan of, and 5 other members culled from Twitter.

It is very hard to try to gauge the success of a Dynasty Draft before the 1st season even starts, especially this season, but I will go over each team and give an opinion of which positions are strengths and which are weaknesses, based solely on my judgment. These will not be listed in any order except how they are listed on the rosters page located here. Read More »

Once again, before the impending CBA court decision and NFL Draft, I thought it was time to put my thoughts on the incoming rookie class. You will notice some of the player ranking have changed. Lots of new information and misinformation which is the norm during these last several weeks before the draft. These are my thoughts and feelings on how I rank rookies in PPR dynasty rookie drafts. My rankings were influenced by: Greg Cosell, Matt Waldman, Joe Everett, Jim Day, and Shane P. Hallam. In addition I have spent many hours of research watching everything I could on these players. Please use this to help your team maneuver around your rookie and dynasty drafts.

Here are your Top 30 skill position players. Enjoy!

Read the rest of this entry at FF Whiz»

Rankings updated May 1, 2011 – Click here

Despite the looming NFL labor talks, the staff of has been hard at work to get you ready for your dynasty fantasy football league rookie drafts.

While we have no idea where any of these players will be drafted, Andy Miley and Bryan Fontaine have released their own top-30 rankings as of February 12, 2011.

Each player is ranked by a combined consensus ranking.  Any unranked players received a value of 31 in the consensus rankings.

You can hover over Bryan or Andy’s personal ranking to get their opinions and thoughts for each player.

Without further adieu, here they are: Read More »

Earlier today my counterpart Andy Miley shared his Senior Bowl thoughts.

I’ve always loved the Senior Bowl.  The Senior Bowl has been the  unofficial kick-off to the next fantasy season for as far back as I have done dynasty fantasy football.  As the NFL Network provides more access, it is easier for us arm-chair dynasty scouts to get a first good look at the next class of potential rookie draft selections. Read More »