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With the NFL Combine just around the corner, there are several prospective running backs that need some further exposure from the fantasy football community.  One of the most polarizing tcarsonathletes is Texas A&M’s Tra Carson.  This runner has a unique skill set which I reviewed watching highlight reels of his sophomore, junior, and senior years (I was unable to find individual game film on the inter-webs).  He is one of the few players that could excel in a third down role or as a short yardage back, but would struggle as a three down feature back at the next level.  This is what I saw:

RB-Tra Carson, Texas A&M, 5′ 11″ 227 lbs. Read More »


While the NFL Draft is full of budding superstars, there are always skilled college players that did not play at the best schools or were apart of committees that go onto success at the next level.  This karloswbrings me to Florida State’s runner Karlos Williams.  While he did not get a lion’s share of the Seminole carries, the back was productive as I saw in his games against NC State, Miami, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Idaho, and Duke.  I think he could have some success at the next level, perhaps in a LeGarrette Blount-ish role.  Here are my thoughts:

RB Karlos Williams, Florida State, 6’ 1” 230 lbs.

Cons: This first thing I noticed is that he doesn’t create space on his own.  He runs a bit high and lets defenders get into his body too often, taking away his power.  Williams is a better outside the tackles runner than an inside force.  There were a few times he tried to get cute by reversing his field and turned his back to the defense.  That type of style didn’t work well for former Steeler/Cardinal Rashard Mendenhall and I doubt Williams has the quicks to pull it off either.  He shows a decent effort in pass blocking, but needs to work on his technique by getting low and sinking his hips before making contact with pass rushers. Read More »