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There are hundreds of stories being told during the planning and anticipation of the 2017 NFL Draft. Today we will be looking at a scouting report for redshirt sophomore tight end David Njoku, Miami Hurricanes..

TE-David Njoku, Miami (FL) 6’4” 245 lbs.

The young Hurricane tight end certainly makes a great impression the first time you watch him in action. He looks like could be a member of the Avengers with his athletic ability and muscular build It wasn’t surprising to find out in his senior high school year he was the national high jump champion for New Jersey. Njoku was initially recruited by Miami to play receiver, then moved to linebacker, and finally tight end. Because I’m a high school football coach and educator by trade, let’s break down what I saw in the four games I reviewed of this exceptional playmaker: 2016 contests versus Virginia, Pittsburgh, Duke, and West Virginia. Most of these game videos are available via These are my thoughts: Read More »


If you have played in a dynasty league for any amount of time or you are just looking to join one, check on how you acquire players that are not currently residing on a team. Depending on Josh Hillhow players get distributed, may make a huge difference in how much you enjoy the league and stay competitive.  There are a few ways leagues divvy those players up:

Some leagues use a first come, first serve policy.  This can cause problems with multiple owners that live in different time zones or have various work schedules that do not line up with when players become available. This causes come owners to horde players as they notice the team they are playing doesn’t have a starting kicker, so they grab two or three off the wire.  Is that how the NFL or you would want that handled? Read More »

In this weekly column, I typically explore some young players who haven’t made much of a consistent impact to date on their fantasy football teams. Some players may be available on your waiver wire, some may be available via a cheap or stillsmoderate trade. Acquiring or not acquiring one of these players could decide how well your dynasty or keeper team does for the next few years.  This week I take a look at Minnesota tight end Rhett Ellison and New Orleans wide receiver Kenny Stills. Read More »

In fantasy football, there are several new trends: daily leagues, dynasty leagues, and individual defensive player leagues.  This weekly column will combine two of those by discussing two young IDPs.  I will give my scouting thoughts on how they paulwplayed a particular week.  Today I will be discussing the young Atlanta Falcons linebacker core of second year Paul Worrilow, second year Joplo Bartu, and rookie Prince Shembo.

Paul Worrilow

During the preseason, I got drawn to the big play ability of Worrilow.  He sees the play as it is developing and flows well to attack the ball carrier.  In coverage, Worrilow is athletic enough to keep up with most tight ends, but is not an elite pass defender.  The young backer sheds blockers quickly, stepping up into the play instead of around, and is very useful applying inside pressure with a strong pass rush up the middle when called upon.  Worrilow is the leader of this defense. Read More »

The tour around my dynasty fantasy football leagues continues with my Farmington Strike Team.  This was the league that got inspired by one of the horrible commissioners.  I serve as a co-commissioner in the appropriately titled Legends hillof the Fall with Sam Thun aka @gridironguy.  It originally started off as a 20 man keeper league, but increased to a 25 man keeper league in 2013 with cuts due in the spring from 35 roster spots.  Technically this is not a true dynasty league, rather a big keeper one. Starting lineups are the following: 1 QB, 2-4 RBs, 2-4 WRs, 1-3 TEs, 1 K, 2-5 DL, 2-5 LBs, 2-5 DBs.  All touchdowns are worth 6 pts other than 5 pts for passing touchdowns.  This is a regular PPR league, save for 1.5pts for tight ends.  For the IDPs, it is a tackle heavy scoring.  I had a great team in 2012, winning the entire league and then crashed in 2013 with a second to last finish.  Here is my team:

QBs- Ben Roethlisberger, Jake Locker, Zach Mettenberger (start 1)

Roethlisberger should be solid for the next 3-4 years, but Locker is a weak QB2.  This league is always quarterback centric and I am never willing to overpay for a solid backup.  Mettenberger got selected just in case of emergency. Read More »

Every week during the season, I will throw out some observations of the previous NFL week. With the invention of the DVR and Directv’s ”Quick Bits”, I am able to watch almost every snap of selected games and give you a lightning “blitz” war “krieg” to bring to your fantasy league for domination. Bring on the games!

I am starting with my beloved Steelers against the Bengals.  The Bengals defense started off playing well as they held the Steelers to a three and out on the first and second series.  The Bengals offense was aggressive to start.  In the first big play of the day, Ike Taylor had blown coverage against AJ Green.  Green glided across the field and Taylor couldn’t keep up which resulted in a 43 yard gain. The AJ Green (6 catches for 87 yards and a TD) vs. Taylor (6 tackles, 3 passes defended and an interception) battle ended up to be the most exciting part of the game.  The Steelers front seven did not get any pressure on Andy Dalton early, but that changed in time.  For the rest click here: