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In my weekly column, we take a long look at impact fantasy football rookies.  I compare their performance to date against my original expectations of them.  Let’s continue this 2014 version of the series by looking at one of the most biggest, jhillathletic backs in the last five years in Jeremy Hill.  I will look at some of his college production against his performance versus the Browns to dissect his dynasty value.

These are my thoughts after watching him in college:   This powerful, downhill runner is an explosive athlete with good burst and acceleration.   His clear weakness is while he can read blockers near the line of scrimmage, the runner cannot see more than five to ten yards down the field.  This impedes the back from getting to the second level if his offensive line doesn’t get a hat on a hat.

Hill has decent balance, but still runs a little too tall.  To become a better inside runner, the back must use his pads to deliver punishment, not the other way around.  He has a tendency to let defenders into his body this causes him to slow down which gets him tackled too soon.  This is an issue for most backs 6′ 2″ or taller.  Hill runs like a battering ram keeping his feet churning until the play is over, constantly falling forward for extra yardage.  He enjoys punishing defenders with a nice stiff-arms and high knees making sure they are carrying his weight.   There isn’t much dancing to him as he will take what yardage is available. Read More »


The NFL preseason is now over.  Many younger and/or fringe players are fighting for roster spots on NFL and fantasy football teams as you read. We got slight glimpses into the thought pattern of some teams with how much or how little theselandry athletes played and others we will never know.  Here are my general thoughts about some of the more interesting younger players or free agents from the first half of their last preseason game.

Rams vs. Dolphins

The later the game, the leaner the talent is to find.  With that being said, Miami rookie receiver Jarvis Landry keeps on getting better.  He catches passes in traffic, and gets to the ball at its highest point.  The former LSU wide out fights for extra yardage and uses his body to block the defensive back from getting to the ball.  For the Rams, second year Stedman Bailey appears to be the best receiver on the Rams, despite his four game suspension.  He runs crisp routes, looks to bail his quarterback out of trouble, and has a good catch radius.  Shaun Hill will miss his calming presence over four games.   Rookie runner, Tre Mason, isn’t close to taking carries away from Zach Stacy, Bennie Cunningham is clearly the better runner right now.   Mason gets knocked around in pass protection, catches the ball with his body, and doesn’t seem to have a lot of lower body strength.  That isn’t to say that the young back can’t get small in the hole and learn how to pass block well, but it isn’t going to be this year. Read More »

The time is drawing near. Preseason game three is the dress rehearsal for every NFL franchise and the most important game for fantasy football. The players get placed in real game scenarios and get game planned against. The only constant hydeabout the NFL is that it is always evolving and this week’s games are no different. I watched at least three-quarters to get the best idea about how these players would be used. My focus is on the first three-year players and this year’s free agents.  Here are my observations:

Chargers vs 49ers

For the Chargers, it looks like tight end Ladarius Green will play as much as Antonio Gates.  Green went in motion quite a bit, got behind the defense a couple of times, but did not do anything of note.  Finally a defensive linemen stepped up for  San Diego, defensive end Corey Liuget applied pressure against the run and pass.  He knocked a ball in the air and stripped the ball out of Kaepernick’s hands while sacking him.  The Chargers need to find a pas rush to make up for their limited corner backs.

Signal caller, Colin Kaepernick, did not have a memorable first quarter.  He lost two fumbles within six minutes of the game starting.  It looks like he feels the pressure of the offense and holds onto the ball too long trying to free receivers downfield. While the young quarterback can throw darts past double coverage, it is in his best interest to find his dump off receivers first.  Rookie back Carlos Hyde has trouble running the ball without a clear lane.  He does get physical swatting defenders around, using a spin move, and showing good leg drive when he has room.   I am still leading the charge on rookie receiver/returner Bruce Ellington.  He looks good playing the slot, adjusting to the ball in the air, and making catches in stride. If the versatile playmaker needs to take a handoff or return kickoffs/punts, Ellington can do that too.  IDPers don’t sleep on safety Eric Reid.  He is a great open field tackler who likes to play the ball hawking role. Read More »

It had been awhile since I had dipped my feet into a dynasty fantasy football auction.  In my last auction article , I found myself with four starting quarterbacks in a auctionsquarterback flex league investing 35% of my auction/salary funds (I got caught trying to price enforce).

By use of some savvy bidding, good nominations, and taxi squad demotions (players held there only cost 10% of their price with only rookies and second year players allowed), I recovered to get some good values in the auction and built up my individual defensive players (IDPs).  For me, the auction is over.  I might be able to trade a quarterback or two for better runners or receivers, but I am ready to make do with the team I built.  For the complete auction and league, click on the myfantasyleague here .  Before the season starts in this league, every owner must choose how many years to put on a player’s contract (rookies are automatically given a four-year contract).  Each contract goes up 5% each year, so that must be factored in when deciding the length of the contract.  Cutting a player early causes a 15% penalty for each remaining year (hopefully I haven’t lost you and I’m not lost on the rules myself). Read More »

Here it is, another week of NFL preseason games.  Hopefully your fantasy football players are more involved this week, so we might get a better idea about how each team will look like in the regular season.  It’s critical to keep up with the NFLkbenjamin changing landscape, because it gives you a jump on the waiver wire and possible trade scenarios.  My efforts concentrated on the younger players and/or new team additions.  Here are some quick observations based on around the first three-quarters of each game:

Chiefs vs Panthers

The return of Cam Newton disappointed to say the least.  He looked a bit gimpy at times, especially when he rolled away from impending blitzers.  The quarterback’s upper body is still shows the power to throw the ball on a wire 50+ yards downfield without a solid base.  Rookie receiver Kelvin Benjamin got behind the defense a few times.  Once, Cam missed him with too much torque, but the second time Benjamin made the catch between three defenders.  It was a thing of beauty, because he caught the ball at its highest point and shielded the ball away from all three defenders.  Much injured Jonathan Stewart has some burst and power back, but how long will it last?   Good thing Carolina has one of the most dominant front seven defensive fronts in the league. Read More »

Here at dynasty blitz, I am continuing to watch every preseason game and let my readers known what I’m seeing. The NFL landscape is fluid, so please keep in mind that this is only the first week. My concentration was on the younger players rg3and/or new team additions. Here are some quick observations after watching the first half of each game: Read More »

The tour around my dynasty fantasy football leagues continues with my Farmington Strike Team.  This was the league that got inspired by one of the horrible commissioners.  I serve as a co-commissioner in the appropriately titled Legends hillof the Fall with Sam Thun aka @gridironguy.  It originally started off as a 20 man keeper league, but increased to a 25 man keeper league in 2013 with cuts due in the spring from 35 roster spots.  Technically this is not a true dynasty league, rather a big keeper one. Starting lineups are the following: 1 QB, 2-4 RBs, 2-4 WRs, 1-3 TEs, 1 K, 2-5 DL, 2-5 LBs, 2-5 DBs.  All touchdowns are worth 6 pts other than 5 pts for passing touchdowns.  This is a regular PPR league, save for 1.5pts for tight ends.  For the IDPs, it is a tackle heavy scoring.  I had a great team in 2012, winning the entire league and then crashed in 2013 with a second to last finish.  Here is my team:

QBs- Ben Roethlisberger, Jake Locker, Zach Mettenberger (start 1)

Roethlisberger should be solid for the next 3-4 years, but Locker is a weak QB2.  This league is always quarterback centric and I am never willing to overpay for a solid backup.  Mettenberger got selected just in case of emergency. Read More »

Here is another one of the recent dynasty fantasy football teams that I built (start up in late February with the rookie draft in May).  I am the commissioner of this 14 team league and recruited most of the owners.  There are a few luminary cammanTweeters in this league like Brian Quinlan aka @The_Street_FA .    The PPR fantasy scoring features a tiered scoring: .5 pts for running backs, 1 pts for wide receivers, 1.5 pts for tight ends.  Passing touchdowns are worth 5 pts and all others are worth 6 pts.  It is tackle heavy scoring with return/rushing/receiving yardage all worth .1 pts per yard and passing is .05 pts per yard.  For the IDPs, it is a tackle heavy scoring system.  This is a super-flex league so every owner has a lot of flexibility: 1-2 QBs, 2-3 RBs, 3-4 WRs, 1-2 TEs, 2-3 DLs, 3-4 LBs, and 2-3 DBs.  Once again, the goal is to look at the composite of the team

QBs- Cam Newton, Ben Roethlisberger, Bruce Gradkowski, Mark Sánchez, Ryan Griffin (start 1-2)

Since the draft got held before Newton’s injury and the NFL reveal of their schedule, I am happy with my starting quarterbacks.  Both can put up top ten numbers with one still reasonably young (Newton is 25) and Big Ben, who is 32, has another three to four years left of high fantasy production.  Since Roethlisberger did not get injured last season, I thought he played on borrowed time so I grabbed Gradkowski.  The only two quality backup quarterbacks on the waiver wire were Sánchez and Griffin.  Obviously Griffin is more of a project, but I will need to start one of them Week 12, because the Steelers and Panthers share the same bye week this season. Read More »

Since most of us are in the middle of rookie drafts or we have just completed them, I am continuing my three-part weekly series (heck if it gets even more reads, I might add a fourth part) discussing the trends that are occurring in fantasy football rookie drafts.  The first article got based on 75 rookie drafts completed, and now we are over 400 rookie-only drafts!  When a trend isn’t really changing like Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans get drafted one and two in almost every single draft, then I will discuss other players unless their draft position is changing dramatically.  As always, my thoughts get based on dynasty PPR leagues with sacks being worth 2.5 times that a tackle is worth.

Some of these next selections may not be exciting per se, but these trends are important to note.  WR Odell Beckham, Jr, who got drafted by the Giants, has on average been selected sixth overall in fantasy rookie drafts.  Some people feel he is too much of a Victor Cruz clone and he will struggle to play on the outside.  One assumes risk with this pick because of the way the New York offense struggled last season.  Beckham is a safe, but unspectacular pick in the middle of the first round of dynasty fantasy rookie drafts.  I envision him to hold WR3-4 value this season. Read More »

The excitement of the draft weekend has come and gone.  Now is the time to put in the hard work as your rookie fantasy drafts are upon us. My running back dynasty fantasy rankings get based on a two to three-year window, not their immediate impact.  Talent and situation get considered here.  This position, more than any other, is the most fluid and volatile on your fantasy teams. There are only a few good situations this season for teams that needed starters and/or had carries available.sankey

1. Bishop Sankey, Titans- The safest back in the draft landed in the most running back starved team.  Sankey will not overwhelm you with his athleticism, but he will be a safe 250 touch back.  He can pass block, catch the pigskin, and looks good near the goal line.  I consider him this year’s Zach Stacy aka solid and not exciting. He should be the first back chosen in your rookie drafts near the middle to end of the first round. His situation got a little better with the news that Shonn Greene just had knee surgery. Read More »


If you follow the draft community on twitter or anywhere else on the internet, many people are warming up to the red-shirted sophomore running back Jeremy Hill.  I decided to take the afternoon to watch four of his 2013 games against Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, and Mississippi State to see what the #draft-twitter excitement was all about.

Before I get into what I saw on tape, Hill does not have very impressive intangibles.  There were some accusations of sexual misconduct in high school with a 14-year-old that caused him to enter college a year late.  He punched a fellow LSU student out at a local college bar last spring.  Perhaps Hill was an immature guy and has grown out of this kind of behavior.  Only NFL teams will get a good grip on that with the several interviews each team gets with him starting at the Combine this coming weekend.  Dynasty owners will have to make their decision partly based on which NFL team takes him, either a team with issues such as the Dolphins or a strong locker room like the Patriots. Read More »