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One of the biggest offensive weapons that went to the Senior Bowl was Auburn wide receiver Sammie Coates.  While this year’s class is not as accomplished as the 2014 one was, there are plenty of exciting sammiecoptions to consider if your dynasty team needs some help.  I reviewed three of his college games (LSU, Arkansas, and Texas A & M) along with his practices and the half game he played in Mobile.  Here is what I saw:

WR Sammie Coates, Auburn 6’ 2” 201 lbs.

Cons: One of the most aggravating aspects of any football player is inconsistency.  Coates shows varying efforts depending on the number of targets and plays designed for him.  He doesn’t always catch the ball with his outstretched hands; instead the wide out uses his body too much to secure passes.  The receiver is a long strider who takes time to get to full speed.  His exaggerated foot chop makes him slower changing directions, which gives defenders a chance to keep stride with him.  Read More »


In fantasy football, there are some new trends that I enjoy writing about: dynasty leagues, and individual defensive player leagues.  This weekly column will combine two of those by discussing two parkeryoung IDPs.  I will give my scouting thoughts on how they played a particular week.  Today I will be discussing Kansas City cornerback Ron Parker and Tennessee linebacker Avery Williamson.

CB-Ron Parker, KC- The former safety plays with tight physical coverage the majority of the time he is on the field.  Technically he is a fourth year player who spent time with the Raiders and Seahawks before settling in the starting lineup for the Chiefs.  He gets his hands all over the receivers within the first five yards.  There are times the defensive back likes to gamble with slower receivers, like Vincent Brown.  When he misjudged Brown’s quick area burst, Parker gave up a 15 yard gain.  This did not cause him to doubt himself as he continued to take those kind of chances the entire night.  You need to be mentally tough and a bit crazy to play on an island in the NFL.  The corner is a solid tackler, who plays good run support and is not afraid to throw a shoulder to knock the runner down. Read More »

In my weekly column, we take a long look at impact fantasy football rookies.  I compare their performance to date against my original expectations of them.  Let’s continue this 2014 version of the series by looking at one of the best quarterbacksderekcarr in the 2014 NFL Draft, Derek Carr.  I will look at some of his college production against his performance versus Kansas City to dissect his dynasty value.

These are my thoughts after watching him in college:  The young leader makes quick decisions with a strong-am but looked even better with the efforts of his impressive receiver, Davante Adams.  Carr has good ball placement, is mobile in the pocket avoiding pressure, and takes what the defense gives him by reading their coverage well.  Carr has good footwork, steps up on his passes to see the entire field well. He tends to go to the open receiver running underneath instead of pressing the ball down the field.   The signal caller has the necessary arm strength to make all the throws and plays like a leader out there.  Read More »

The witching hour is finally here.  Preseason game three, the dress rehearsal for every NFL franchise and the most important game for fantasy football.  The players get placed in real game scenarios and get game planned against.  The only ebronconstant about the NFL is that it is always evolving and this week’s games are no different.  I watched at least three-quarters to get the best idea about how these players would be used.  Here are my observations:

Raiders vs Packers

The Al Davis era might be over in reality, but the legacy still lives on with recycled older players that might be over their heads along with a few young upstarts.  Newly signed receiver James Jones runs crisp routes, creates separation, but is not in sync with Matt Schaub.  I’m not sure any of the Raiders receivers are on the same page with their quarterback which might be a bigger problem sooner than later.  MJD looked great on one of his carries where he broke a few arm tackles and showed some burst on a 40 yard touchdown run.  Jones-Drew might have five more of those runs left in his body, but playing with this offense they might get used up quickly.  The reason for optimism in Oakland is the play of their two young linebackers, Sio Moore and Khalil Mack.  Moore applied inside pressure in both the run and pass games.  His motor is unrelenting and he delivers punishment on every blow.  He left the game with a strained neck which the backer can hopefully recover from quickly.  Mack reads and recognizes immediately what the offense is trying to do.  He picked off a screen pass and is constantly generating pressure in the running and passing games. Read More »

Here it is, another week of NFL preseason games.  Hopefully your fantasy football players are more involved this week, so we might get a better idea about how each team will look like in the regular season.  It’s critical to keep up with the NFLvaccy changing landscape, because it gives you a jump on the waiver wire and possible trade scenarios.  My efforts concentrated on the younger players and/or new team additions.  Here are some quick observations based on around the first three-quarters of each game:


The young superstar receiver, Brandin Cooks, who was so active the week before had a quiet game.  He did get behind the defense a few times, but only connected once.  The rookie catches the ball in stride and has great sideline awareness.  Khiry Robinson, the second year back, showed some versatility lining up in the backfield and out wide.  He has quick feet, can get small in the hole, but did not stand out during the game.  Taking advantage of the preseason is exactly what Ryan Griffin is doing. The current third string quarterback is showing more touch and connected deep downfield.  Defensive end Cameron Jordan continues to dominate the line of scrimmage, throwing offensive linemen around, so he can get make the play.  The ball hawk award should go to safety Kenny Vaccaro.  He plays physical, forcing fumbles, and attacking on blitzes going untouched to sack the opposition. Read More »

Cheesehead Taken by Wonder_al

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The World Champion Green Bay Packers were not worried about their team during the unsettled times without a CBA agreement.  The strong management and coaching staff went about business as usual by building their team in the draft and letting the free agent cards fall where they may.  The fortunate Packers selected WR Randall Cobb with the last pick of the second round.  Then the organization re-signed James Jones at the supposed insistence of Aaron Rodgers.  If last year tells us anything, Rodgers needs plenty of weapons as Green Bay doesn’t want to miss a beat when injuries strike.  The question is what impact will Cobb bring to Green Bay and how soon will he see the field?

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Today John S aka @RumfordJohnny was my guest on the latest podcast of the Dynasty Blitz podcast.  Listen here: