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In the 2016 NFL Draft, there are four outstanding athletes at the top.  Today I would like to discuss the best defensive back found in the draft, former Seminole Jalen Ramsey.  There aren’t too jramseymany players that could be all-pros at two different positions, but Ramsey is one of them as he could play corner back or either safety position (strong or free).  I reviewed several of his 2015 games against Boston College, NC State, Louisville, and Miami to get a better idea of the skills and attributes that this young man brings to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

CB/S-Jalen Ramsey, Florida State, 6′ 1″ 209 lbs. Read More »


This year’s draft is a bit weak at tight end and after Maxx Williams, Devin Funchess, and Clive Walford.  After those three get selected, the next on my list is Florida State’s Nick O’Leary.  nickoSome people may be intrigued that he is the grandson of golf legend Jack Nicklaus.  That could mean that he uniquely understands the spotlight and yearns for greatness. I watched three of his games against Notre Dame, Miami, and Oregon to get a better feel of what the young man brings to the next level in regards to skills and talents.  Here is what I saw:

TE Nick O’Leary, Florida State, 6’ 3” 252 lbs.

Cons: The first thing that stands out is his poor 40 yard time of 4.93 in Indianapolis.  This shows that the tight end/ h-back is not very explosive and has almost no wiggle at all.  O’Leary is an avid motorcyclist and suffered two mishaps on his ride that appear to have sapped him of some speed and flexibility.  This shortened his catch radius and makes it difficult for him to create separation against linebackers or safeties.  While O’Leary is a willing blocker, he shows limited strength as a run blocker.  I’m not sure if he can be counted on to be a multi-dimensional threat. Read More »

While the NFL Draft is full of budding superstars, there are always skilled college players that did not play at the best schools or were apart of committees that go onto success at the next level.  This karloswbrings me to Florida State’s runner Karlos Williams.  While he did not get a lion’s share of the Seminole carries, the back was productive as I saw in his games against NC State, Miami, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Idaho, and Duke.  I think he could have some success at the next level, perhaps in a LeGarrette Blount-ish role.  Here are my thoughts:

RB Karlos Williams, Florida State, 6’ 1” 230 lbs.

Cons: This first thing I noticed is that he doesn’t create space on his own.  He runs a bit high and lets defenders get into his body too often, taking away his power.  Williams is a better outside the tackles runner than an inside force.  There were a few times he tried to get cute by reversing his field and turned his back to the defense.  That type of style didn’t work well for former Steeler/Cardinal Rashard Mendenhall and I doubt Williams has the quicks to pull it off either.  He shows a decent effort in pass blocking, but needs to work on his technique by getting low and sinking his hips before making contact with pass rushers. Read More »

One of the less talked about, but highly productive wide receivers of this year’s class is Florida State’s Rashad Greene.  If rookie mock drafts are telling us anything, it’s that he will be slipping into therashadg second or third round in most instances.  I decided to watch six of his games (Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Virginia, Pitt, Boston College, and North Carolina State) at to get a good idea of the attributes and skills that he brings to the next level.  Here is what I saw:

WR Rashad Greene, Florida State, 5’ 11” 182 lbs.

Cons: The receiver has a little laziness to his routes.  He needs to be more precise considering he only ran a 4.53 forty yard dash and is not the most dynamic player.  Greene has an average catch radius, but seemed to get dominated with contested throws.  This might have to do with his lack of power and muscularity.  The wide out did not face a lot of press coverage and might be forced to play the slot if he can’t get off the line of scrimmage uncontested.  Read More »