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This is more important than many think when it comes to fantasy football commissioners, even more so with dynasty ones.  All of us join dynasty leagues without a good idea whether we will enjoy$ ourselves or not.  Because of the longer commitment of dynasty leagues, there are a few things to look out for leadership-wise when entering a league:

Clear rules

When I look for fantasy league rules, it doesn’t have to be the US Constitution.  Clear concise and to the point is fine, or wordy if  the situation warrants like the taboo subject of “tanking”.  If something isn’t discussed in the rules, ask the commissioner about it before you join the league and not after.

Is change possible?  When does change happen?

Does the commissioner allow changes to the rules be made?  If so, is there a percentage of owners that need to agree to the changes.  I prefer at least two-thirds of the owners agreeing to a minor change, over 75% for a major change, and 100% for any money changes.  Also does the commissioner open up discuss on a rule before voting?  Perhaps another owner faced a similar situation or saw it handled differently.  A good commissioner will want to deal with things in the fairest way possible.  Read More »



There is something great about the NFL Draft.  Optimism is in the air for everyone as it represents a new beginning.  This is even more true with your dynasty squad especially if you are coming off a rough season.  After the rookie draft, you AndrewMiley_Twitterhave new exciting players, but now the draft and perhaps excitement are over.  Many owners stop visiting their league site for a while, go on that vacation, perhaps read a few articles here and there, and then log in right before Labor Day.  I’m not saying don’t go on vacation for a week or two, just don’t take a summer hiatus from your league(s).

Keep up with the news.

Mario Williams and Jerry Hughes play outside linebacker and not defensive ends in the new Rex Ryan scheme, that could be major news in leagues where owners have to scramble for defensive linemen.  Devonta Freeman might be a better fit for the Falcons running game than rookie Tevin Coleman.  This is the time to keep track of the little things, because you never know when a little crumb from the local media will pay off big.

Know your waivers.

I’m in seven leagues right now and every week I go thru the available players for every league.  On leagues that use the site, there is a feature called the “my draft list” that you get to from the “For Owners” tab.  I sort the available players first by position and then by team to be thorough and add all interesting free agents.  This list keeps all of the free agents organized at a moments notice.  I still go low tech as well with my index cards.  When I tell my friends this, they say “why bother”, because I want to know who is available at any time.  If you want to make a trade, the knowledge that a replacement level player is available can reduce the risks you take. Read More »

I admittedly haven’t done an auction league for a few years, so I smartly signed up for a money fantasy football dynasty auction league.  In this dynasty league, the price you pay in auction ends up as the contract price you pay the player for theauction length of the contract plus an extra five percent each year (you can dole out contract lengths after the draft is over).

This auction features a slow 12 hour clock draft on that resets every time a higher bid gets entered.  Every team starts off with $300 of salary and each owner must roster 40 players with the option to hold five rookies or second year players acquired during the draft on their taxi squad.  The advantage of using the taxi squad is that a team’s salary cap is only charged 10% of their contract.

Auctions are a lot like Texas Hold’em tournaments.  They tend to last a real long time and good owners need to stay patient.  I kept my patience for two and a half days, but then I decided to try to play the bully and that didn’t go so well.  In my head, there needed to be a police officer making sure people paid the price for quarterbacks since it is a 14 team league that can play quarterbacks in a flex position aka “super-flex”.  My roster already had Ben Roethlisberger and Matt Ryan.  So I smartly tried to raise the price on Robert Griffin III and Ryan Tannehill since 17 quarterbacks got drafted.  Let’s just say that I have four quarterbacks on my team (35% of my budget committed to that position).

Thankfully I glanced over the rules prior to drafting and did not notice that there is no trading during the draft.  I can drop one of the quarterbacks before I sign them with no penalty, but I can’t do that until after the draft is over.  The league may vote to allow trades the last week of preseason.  I hope so, as my silliness with money management could be costly.

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