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Many of us dynasty diehards are in the middle of rookie drafts or we have just completed them, here is a weekly article about the trends that are occurring on fantasy football dukerookie drafts.  This the last part of a three-part series, because most leagues complete their rookie drafts before those long summer days that get filled with vacations, outside chores and activities.  As always, my thoughts get based on dynasty PPR leagues with sacks being worth 2.5 times that a tackle is worth.

Just right: Amari Cooper, Oakland wide receiver (average draft spot 1.02)

This is the safest pick in the rookie draft.  Cooper will get plenty of targets, runs crisp routes, and gets to rely on the second year gunslinger Derek Carr.  By playing against the strong offenses in the AFC West, the young receiver will probably be playing catch up for the immediate future in the league. Read More »


My review of the NFL Draft continues with my dynasty fantasy rankings of the first year running backs.  I am trying to consider their value two to four years down the road along with what they couldmel do year one.  Here are my thoughts:

1) Todd Gurley, St. Louis

He is the most explosive, physical runner in his class.  His knee issue might be a concern, but if you are a non-contending team, this should be your selection.  Gurley could sit out the first six games of the season, then again ask yourself, will it matter in a year?

2) Melvin Gordon, San Diego

Former Wisconsin running backs are usually inflated due to their dominant offensive lines.  Gordon is more explosive than most, has good foot speed, and can catch the ball out of the backfield.  This runner will start from day one and not look back. Read More »

After the second day of the NFL Draft, fantasy dynasty owners now have more questions than answers concerning the Titans receiving corps, and the Lions and Browns running back roles.  I will maxxtake a quick review of what occurred and how it looks like it will affect your dynasty teams.  Players got listed in the order of selection in the NFL Draft:

2nd round

S Landon Collins, NYG

This physical player will be an instant impact player as the starter day one of mini-camps.  Collins should see plenty of tackle opportunities in the running and passing games with a not so impressive linebacker corps.

RB TJ Yeldon, Jacksonville

He is a quick footed runner, who can be a three down back for the Jaguars.  The back has good balance, sees the field well, moves great laterally, and has a nose for the end zone. Read More »

One of the more exciting young backs in the 2015 NFL Draft class is Miami Hurricane, Duke Johnson.  There is a lot of debate whether he is an every down back or a specialist.  I reviewed eight of hisduke games against:  Louisville, Nebraska, Duke, Cincinnati, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Florida State, and Georgia Tech to get a good feel for what skills and attributes he brings to the next level and what the young back needs to work on.  Here is what I saw:

RB Duke Johnson, Miami 5’ 9” 207 lbs.

Cons:  He is more quick than fast, which gets realized once you look at his 4.54 40 yard dash time.  Johnson has very skinny legs, which do not seem to generate a lot of leg drive.  The back runs a bit too high, at times, and should sink his hips more.  I did not see him create creases on his own, instead he was reliant on his offensive line to put a hat on a hat to spring him loose.  There were a few times that the runner did not pick up his feet, which caused him to get easily tripped up around the trash.  Johnson has a tendency to bounce most of his runs outside, which will allow most defenses to catch up with him more quickly.  He has a habit of body catching the ball and doesn’t get low to fire out against would be blitzers in pass protection.  His health issues are a concern too as he didn’t finish a few of his games this past season.  Read More »

It’s Day Two in Indianapolis and the day every dynasty owner loves the most..the offensive skill player day!  Remember we are getting a small glimpse into what each player brings to the next level, scoutingcombinenot the holy grail.  Here are some players that stood out to me during this day:

RB Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska

The powerful running back looked smooth in drills showing off his loose hips and good hands.  He ran a slower forty than thought at 4.60.

WR Nelson Agholor, USC

He had a great gauntlet drill, catching passes in stride with his soft, attacking hands.  Agholor ran a solid 4.42 forty time, but his day ended early due to a dislocated finger. Read More »

It’s that time of year when I turn my focus to the college bowl games to gain insight. I will do my best to find some draft eligible players that could improve your dynasty teams. This article intends tokbell start conversations and encourage continued thought throughout the entire draft process. These are my observations based on the bowl games, unless otherwise indicated. There will be much more in-depth, thought-provoking discussions later in the offseason. I am listing these players alphabetically.

WR-Kenny Bell, Nebraska- Despite having a big head of hair, Bell is a smooth, fluid athlete that gets in and out of his breaks quickly.  He does a great job catching the ball in stride with his soft hands and runs crisp routes.  The receiver tracks the ball well in the air, gets separation and shields the pigskin from his defensive coverage.  Bell lines up all over the formation, and gets a clean release of the line using his hands and quick feet.  He knows where he is on the field at all times, toe-tapping near the sidelines showing good balance.  The wide out adjusted to the ball in the end zone getting his knee down to catch a touchdown.  Once Bell has the ball in his hands, he fights for extra yardage, not going down easily and uses a stiff-arm to get away from would-be tacklers.  As a run blocker, he could use some work, but he does get in front of his defender and sprung his running back for a touchdown in the red zone. Read More »