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Each year are hundreds of stories being told during the planning and anticipation of the NFL Draft; the 2017 NFL Draft is no different. Today we will be looking at a scouting report for junior running back Jeremy McNichols, Boise State Broncos.

RB-Jeremy McNichols, Boise State  5’9” 214 lbs.

This junior back had a very successful college career scoring 44 touchdowns, rushing for over 3200 yards along with over a hundred catches for close to 1100 receiving yards. The Broncos have produced two successful NFL backs in the last five years with Doug Martin and Jay Ajayi, can McNichols make it three? Because I’m a high school football coach and educator by trade, let’s break down what I saw in the six games I reviewed of the junior play maker: 2016 contests versus Baylor, UNLV, BYU, Wyoming, Utah State, and Washington State. Most of these videos are available via Here are my thoughts: Read More »


With the NFL Combine draft starting today, it seemed a good time to feature one of this classes best rookie runners, Utah’s Devontae Booker.  He is a versatile athlete that excels rushing, catching,dbooker and when necessary, throwing the ball (one for one in pass attempts for a 25-yard touchdown).  After reviewing five of his games against Michigan, California, Washington State (2014), UCLA (2014), and Oregon State (2014),  I have a better understanding of what Booker brings to the next level.  Here are my thoughts:

RB-Devontae Booker, Utah 5′ 11″ 219 lbs. Read More »

Another running back that is receiving a lot of attention for the 2015 NFL Draft and dynasty/rookie drafts is Boise State’s Jay Ajayi. When you look past his colorful locks, and the blue field that hejaya plays his home games on, what do you have? extremely talented runner who is superior to the muscle hamster aka Doug Martin in every way.  I reviewed six of his games to learn more about the skills he brings to the NFL:  Ole Miss, Colorado State, Air Force, Nevada, Wyoming, and Fresno State.

RB Jay Ajayi, Boise State 6’ 0” 221 lbs.

Cons: The runner tucks the ball under the same arm (the left) and does not adjust it to his right arm when running to the right.  This may seem like a small criticism, but ball security is a major concern in the NFL.  Improving your chances for the pigskin to go out-of-bounds if it gets separated from the back’s body could be the difference in winning or losing a game.  In that same theme, Ajayi has great, soft hands, but still makes half of his receptions trapping the ball in his body.  NFL defenders love to knock the “rock” out of runner’s hands to scoop it up for themselves.  Read More »

The time is drawing near. Preseason game three is the dress rehearsal for every NFL franchise and the most important game for fantasy football. The players get placed in real game scenarios and get game planned against. The only evansconstant about the NFL is that it is always evolving and this week’s games are no different. I watched at least three-quarters to get the best idea about how these players would be used. My focus is on the first three-year players and this year’s free agents.  Here are my observations:

Bills vs. Bucs

The Bills defensive  front four collapsed the Tampa Bay pocket well, which hurried a lot of throws and shortened a lot of running lanes.  Unfortunately for Buffalo fans, EJ Manuel is looking worse, not better each week.  He does not set his feet, and rushes most of his throws.  The young quarterback got strip sacked for a touchdown and threw a pick when his tight end fell down on a route. Manual played better in the third quarter, but that was against the Buccaneer second and third team defenses.  Former Tampa receiver, Mike Williams, made a nice jump and stick the landing catch on the sidelines.  He also got behind his corner to score a red zone touchdown.

Doug Martin caught the ball well in stride, showed off a little wiggle, and got low on the way to a short yardage touchdown.  None of his backups are standing out in the preseason, so he should get the bulk of Tampa’s carries this season.  Rookie receiver Mike Evans does a great job of shielding his coverage away from the ball, and catches the ball at its highest point.  The young wide out gets sent out in motion to create the best one on one matchups.  He sprinted down the field 30 yards untouched to make a nice jump ball catch in the end zone.  I would be excited if I had him on my dynasty squad. Read More »

At dynasty blitz, I am watching each preseason game and let my readers known what I’m seeing.  The NFL landscape is very fluid, so please consider that this is only the first week.  My efforts concentrated on the younger players and/or new Careyteam additions.  Here are some quick observations after watching the first half of each game:


The return of Doug Martin got met with a whimper instead of applause.  He looked rather ordinary with little room to run.  The offensive line did not get off their stances quicker than the Jags defensive line.  In regards to the quarterbacks, second year Mike Glennon seemed more poised than newly acquired journeyman Josh McCown.  I have a feeling the younger player could make a push into the starting lineup before we all get to see “The Great Pumpkin”. Then again it could be that Glennon played against the second team while McCown faced the fearsome attacking Jacksonville starting defense. Read More »

National Football League Draft

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Join Shane Hallam and myself discuss the impact of the bowl games and all-star games on how we rank the incoming 2012 NFL rookie class running backs and linebackers tonight at 6:30 pm.  Listen here live or download the show later (also on i-tunes)