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Each year there are hundreds of stories being told during the planning and anticipation of the NFL Draft; the 2017 Draft is no different.  Today we will be looking at a scouting report for senior defensive end Vidauntae “Taco” Charlton, Michigan Wolverines.

DE-Vidauntae “Taco” Charlton  Michigan, 6’6” 277 lbs.

This former Columbus, Ohio high school basketball player made his dreams of playing in the Big Ten a reality, despite being rejected by his hometown Buckeyes. His nickname of Taco began at age six with his love of the meaty treat according to legend. His collegiate impact was not felt until he became a starter this past season. As I’m a high school football coach and educator by trade, let’s break down what I saw in the six games I reviewed of the senior defender: 2016 contests against Ohio State, Florida State, Iowa, Rutgers,Wisconsin, and Penn State. Most of these game videos are available via These are my thoughts: Read More »


The 2016 NFL Draft is almost here.  We are less than a month away and I believe it is better to have your rankings set before the influences of a player’s landing spots infect judgement.mjack

Here are a few lists broken down by defensive positions. Check out yesterday’s post for offensive rankings.


  1. Myles Jack, UCLA
  2. Darron Lee, Ohio State
  3. Noah Spence, Eastern Kentucky (could also get listed at DE)
  4. Reggie Ragland, Alabama
  5. Leonard Floyd, Georgia
  6.  Jordan Jenkins, Georgia
  7. Kamalei Correa, Boise State
  8. Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame (would be #1 if didn’t suffer ACL injury)
  9. Kentrell Brothers, Missouri
  10. Tyler Matakevich, Temple
  11. Josh Perry, Ohio State
  12. Antonio Morrison, Florida

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Now onto discussing the 2015 Draft defensive linemen that usually provide the constant pass rush and get to occupy blockers to keep their linebacker corps clean.  As a general rule, it is better to OOgrab defensive linemen that play in 4-3 schemes (JJ Watt is the exception).  The reason is that in a 4-3 defense, the d-line will face less double teams and get the opportunity to stunt more (change gaps to cause confusion on the offensive line) giving them more shots at the quarterback and ball carriers.  Here are my thoughts on these rookie defenders:

1)  Vic Beasley, Atlanta

Right now he is a defensive end, tomorrow he could be a linebacker.  Beasley creates pressure well as a pass rusher, but needs some work against the run.  The defender is full of energy/talent and should raise the entire Falcons defense a notch. Read More »

In fantasy football, there are some new trends that I enjoy writing about: dynasty leagues, and individual defensive player leagues.  This weekly column will combine two of those by discussing two young IDPs.  I will give my scouting thoughts coxon how they played a particular week.  Today I will be discussing some of the young Eagles defensive linemen: DT Bennie Logan and DE Fletcher Cox.  Too many times, defensive linemen are the scourge of the IDP world, only there to take up space and not contribute.  While neither of these are exactly household names, both may provide fantasy points to your team at a cheap price.

DT Bennie Logan, PHIL- This defensive tackle lines up just off the right should of the center.  Logan provides good initial pressure on both running and passing downs.  He is a better run stuffer than a pass rusher as always tries to occupy two offensive linemen to provide cover for his linebackers.  Logan moves a lot like an alligator, very quick and powerful straight ahead, but has trouble moving from side to side.  The defender can split the seam between a center and guard causing issues when running inside.  Read More »

Join Shane P Hallam and I at a special day and time (Wednesday at 6pm est) as we discuss 2012 draft eligible quarterbacks, tight ends, and defensive linemen. We will get his thoughts on what impact these players could have on your fantasy teams and what to watch for during bowl games. This is for dynasty players and draftniks alike.  Listen live here: or check it out on i-tunes later.