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There are hundreds of stories being told during the planning and anticipation of the 2017 NFL Draft. Today we will be looking at a scouting report for red-shirt senior wide out Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington Eagles.

WR-Cooper Kupp, Eastern Washington 6’2” 204 lbs.

Kupp is a unique prospect for a few reasons. His grandfather played guard in the NFL for eleven years and his father was drafted by the league too. Then there is the level of competition he faced in the Big Sky Conference which is not considered difficult, but the wide out did perform well against bigger programs, Washington and Oregon. The rookie receiver will also be one of his classes oldest players, 24 before the start of the season, and married for two years.

Because I’m a high school football coach and educator by trade, I decided to break down what I saw in the six games I reviewed of the senior play maker: 2016 contests versus Washington State, Richmond, Central Arkansas, and Northern Arizona along with a 2015 game against Oregon and a 2014 game against Sam Houston State. All of these videos are available via These are my thoughts: Read More »