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I’m sure sometimes reading this dynasty fantasy football site is a bit confusing.  One day there is a scouting report, the next day there will be some fantasy draft analysis, and today is a rant day.  The single most devastating enemy to dynasty $leagues is horrible/laissez-faire commissioners.  In the last five years, I have come across three of them.  This article gives some examples and concerns of mine to the mistakes that they make.  The horrible commissioners already know who I’m talking about and I won’t name them here, but here are some of the warning signs: Read More »


There have been many articles written and podcast discussions on why dynasty fantasy football leagues shouldn’t allow vetoes: it can be political, each individual owner should decide their own fate, stupid gullible owners are a part of everyforte league, etc.  Their rationale is that the NFL allows every trade and fantasy football is based on what a professional team would do. Remember this isn’t the NFL where every team is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. A dynasty league usually only requires a yearly fee (if that) or perhaps a two-year investment. I will use a 2013 vetoed trade in one of the leagues that I was in to show why vetoes should be allowed. Read More »