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In the heart of NFL Draft season, sometimes it’s good to discuss lesser known players such as former Kansas Jayhawk linebacker Ben Heeney. One of my twitter followers asked for my thoughts on heeneyhim.  While only has two of his games against West Virginia and Oklahoma, this shows the young defender competing against formidable offenses with NFL caliber players.  It gives me a good starting point to review his skills and abilities in regards to what Heeney brings to the next level.  Here are my thoughts:

LB Ben Heeney, Kansas 6’ 231 lbs. 

Cons: The linebacker has a bad habit of letting blockers into his body.  He doesn’t have much of a punch or power and usually tries to use his quickness or spin moves to create separation from them.  This reaction takes him further down the field, which allows the ball carrier more room to maneuver.  Heeney runs a bit too high and doesn’t force the offensive player to absorb hits.  Instead he prefers to wrap and roll, which can be effective the majority of the time, but hard to do in the open field.  The linebacker seems to make a lot of tackles on his back which suggests that his center of gravity isn’t what it should be.  Read More »