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Arizona Cardinals helmet

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Well my friends, things just got downright interesting in Arizona.  The Cardinals spent their second round pick on Ryan Williams in this year’s draft.  Tim Hightower was traded to the Washington Redskins, which leaves Arizona with two starting options at running back ie: the afore-mentioned rookie Williams and the under achieving Chris “Beanie” Wells. Both are quite talented and, yet, both have their issues.  Neither back has demonstrated solid health, so let’s take a look at why fantasy owners should consider drafting Ryan Williams.

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Sometimes in fantasy, it is not always about the new player joining a team. It is about how the new player fits in with the existing players and what nightmares it causes for opposing defenses. Many years ago, a rookie named Randy Moss joined the Minnesota Vikings. Moss was fantastic at helping draw defenses away for the other skill players by stretching the secondary, which caused more running lanes and quicker developing routes. Cris Carter, Jake Reed, Robert Smith, and a host of QBs were the beneficiaries of a young Randy Moss. There are several players that will have better seasons because of a team’s new found synergy aka the combined action or functioning caused by the influx of new talent due to free agency and trades. In this article, we will explore three players: Jay Cutler, Chris Wells, and Cam Newton that will all get to experience this synergy firsthand.

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Mike Vick with Philadelphia

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Guest writer: Eric Yeomans

When embarking on my first every dynasty football experience, I came in with a plan in mind, as any good team manager did. Lots of it didn’t pan out the way I had anticipated, which meant that my draft contained some disappointment as well as great opportunities.

My first plan: I WOULD own Beanie Wells, and made sure I snatched him up at 82nd overall. I absolutely love that kid, and I will make sure that this gets linked to the love ballad that I write about him in the near future. Read More »