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In the 2014 NFL Draft, there are many kinds of pass rushers.  One of the best defensive ends in this year’s class is Oregon’s Arik Armstead.  He leapt off the screen during the first round of the collegeArikA football championship series, so I decided to review a few of his games against Ohio State, Florida State, and Texas. After watching those three contests, I am excited to see him use those talents at the next level.

DE Arik Armstead, Oregon 6’ 7” 292 lbs.

Cons: The defender is not a fluid athlete and can get knocked off-balance when he leans too far forward.  That is the issue with being 6’ 7”.  Armstead comes out like a cyclone, but seems to fade in the fourth quarter; perhaps he will need to start his NFL career as a situational pass rusher.  The defensive lineman also needs to do a better job keeping his hips underneath him, so he can keep protect his body better from blocks against offensive linemen that are trying to tangle him up.   Read More »


Now that the NFL Combine is over, the fantasy community is all about the rankings.  Here is a quick list with my initial thoughts of this dynasty fantasy football draft class.  My rankings are very fluid and could change Draftdramatically before April 30th.  This is a minimalist list that will get more meat on it in later versions.


1. Jameis Winston, Florida State

2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon Read More »

Welcome to Day Three in Indianapolis.  This is usually my favorite day of the combine with huge men looking more athletic than they should.   The defensive linemen as a whole impressed, while thescoutingcombine linebackers were not as crisp as they had been in years past.  Here are some thoughts on players that stood out today:

DT/DE Arik Armstead, Oregon

He was a big, muscular monster.  The defender showed good balance and some quickness, but definitely belongs on the defensive line.

DE/LB Vic Beasley, Clemson

If the combine needed to have a winner for the day, it would be Beasley.  This muscular, quick twitched athlete ran an impressive 4.53 forty yard dash.  He was explosive with no wasted motion changing directions effortlessly (an impressive three cone drill time of 6.91), while showing off quick, powerful striking hands.  Beasley also looked nature dropping back into coverage. Read More »

Now is the time  in dynasty leagues when the good owners are trying to find ways to fortify their teams by looking towards the 2015 NFL Draft with prospects like Marcus Mariota and Devin Smith. dsmith One of the best ways to do that is by looking to the college players that might make the move to the NFL this spring.  Here are more of the players that stood out during the national championship game.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, rather a starting point for the 2015 NFL Draft and your own rookie fantasy draft!  I listed these players alphabetically:

DE-Arik Armstead, Oregon

This defender started the game like he was out of cannon.  Armstead has great leg drive; knocking the offensive tackle back into the pocket disrupting the passing lane, which forces quicker throws. He uses a strong punch to keep blockers off his body, leaving room to maneuver with effective spin and swim moves. The defensive lineman flowed up and down the line of scrimmage, chasing ball carriers down the field when necessary.  Armstead is a punishing tackler with good vision who tried to force runners back inside.  He recovered a fumble setting up the Ducks in the red zone.  After a very impactful first half, Armstead slowed down towards the end of the game.  This was the result of the Ohio State running game that had worn down the entire front seven of the Ducks.  Read More »