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Here is my final installment of rookie positional breakdowns, the defensive backs.  Like much of the other defenders, scheme plays a huge impact.  Strong safeties, in general, get more tackle landoncopportunities because they play closer to the line.  Rookie corner backs that play opposite top-tier teammates tend to receiver more targets which leads to more impactful chances to make tackles, breakup passes, and catch interceptions aka “the rookie corner rule”.  Here is a quick rundown of my top six defensive backs:

1. S Landon Collins, Giants

All the Giants starting safeties have left the organization.  This hard-hitting safety plays the run well and can do enough damage in pass coverage.  The New York linebacker corps is not that impressive, so he might lead his team in tackles. Read More »


Now onto discussing the 2015 Draft defensive linemen that usually provide the constant pass rush and get to occupy blockers to keep their linebacker corps clean.  As a general rule, it is better to OOgrab defensive linemen that play in 4-3 schemes (JJ Watt is the exception).  The reason is that in a 4-3 defense, the d-line will face less double teams and get the opportunity to stunt more (change gaps to cause confusion on the offensive line) giving them more shots at the quarterback and ball carriers.  Here are my thoughts on these rookie defenders:

1)  Vic Beasley, Atlanta

Right now he is a defensive end, tomorrow he could be a linebacker.  Beasley creates pressure well as a pass rusher, but needs some work against the run.  The defender is full of energy/talent and should raise the entire Falcons defense a notch. Read More »

My glance around the 2015 NFL Draft continues with a glimpse into the heart and soul of defenses everywhere aka the linebackers.  Unlike the offensive skill players, some defenders rise and fall benardrickmdepending on the scheme that they play in.  Their athletic skill is important, but so is the role they will get featured in. Here are my thoughts:

1) Eric Kendricks, Minnesota

Although he is a little short for an inside backer, Kendricks is ultra-athletic and will get to play along his college linebacker.  It looks like he will play MLB and should be able to flow freely to the ball carrier. Read More »

The exploration of the 2015 NFL rookie wide receiver class with my dynasty fantasy eyes continues with my tenth thru eighteenth selections. Many of these players might not have a great year one, sopdiddy good thing that I am projecting out their first two to four years in the league when I rank them:

10) Phillip Dorsett, Indianapolis

Much of his immediate value gets tied into TY Hilton.  In dynasty, if Hilton doesn’t re-sign with the Colts, your fantasy team got Andrew Luck’s deep threat for a deep discount.  Andre Johnson is not a young man, so even if Hilton stays, there is still room for Dorsett especially in leagues that award return yardage or that have taxi squads that allow you to stash him for a year. Read More »

My review of the NFL Draft continues with my dynasty fantasy rankings of the first year running backs.  I am trying to consider their value two to four years down the road along with what they couldmel do year one.  Here are my thoughts:

1) Todd Gurley, St. Louis

He is the most explosive, physical runner in his class.  His knee issue might be a concern, but if you are a non-contending team, this should be your selection.  Gurley could sit out the first six games of the season, then again ask yourself, will it matter in a year?

2) Melvin Gordon, San Diego

Former Wisconsin running backs are usually inflated due to their dominant offensive lines.  Gordon is more explosive than most, has good foot speed, and can catch the ball out of the backfield.  This runner will start from day one and not look back. Read More »

Now that all pro days are in the books and I’ve gotten the chance to watch everyone on the list.  Here is this quick updated list with my thoughts of this dynasty fantasy football draft class.  These rankings are very fluid and will get adjusted after the NFL Draft is overDraft. Any rankings in italics are upgrades.


1. Jameis Winston, Florida State

2. Marcus Mariota, Oregon

3. Brett Hundley, UCLA

4. Bryce Petty, Baylor

5. Garrett Grayson, Colorado State

6. Shane Carden, East Carolina

Running backs

1. Todd Gurley, Georgia

2. Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin Read More »