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In the 2016 NFL Draft, there are four outstanding athletes at the top.  Today I would like to discuss the best defensive back found in the draft, former Seminole Jalen Ramsey.  There aren’t too jramseymany players that could be all-pros at two different positions, but Ramsey is one of them as he could play corner back or either safety position (strong or free).  I reviewed several of his 2015 games against Boston College, NC State, Louisville, and Miami to get a better idea of the skills and attributes that this young man brings to the next level.  These are my thoughts:

CB/S-Jalen Ramsey, Florida State, 6′ 1″ 209 lbs.

Cons: When you see the rookie in shirts and shorts, he does not appear impressive as he isn’t overly muscular and isn’t strong or powerful.  Much is made of his ball-hawking abilities, but Ramsey does not create many interceptions despite his coverage skills (he would be the number one pick for all 32 teams if he had better ball skills).  The former Seminole can be forced into over-reacting, runs hot and cold at times, and doesn’t move that well from side to side as he does in a straight-line.

Pros: His athleticism jumps out when you watch his tape.  He can play corner, safety, or weak sideline backer if needed.  Ramsey has great vision and instincts that put him around the action by anticipating well.  When he plays near the line of scrimmage, the play maker keeps blockers off his body with his out-stretched arms and wrap up tackles well. The former Seminole uses a forceful chop to knock the ball away from the ball carrier.  On multiple occasions, I saw the rookie get knocked down, but he would always bounce back up quickly which demonstrates his good center of gravity.

In the passing game, Ramsey can fly off the edge and get to the quarterback almost immediately, slipping past blockers or gets his arms up to knock down passes.  When he is covering downfield, he uses his explosiveness while keeping stride for stride with receivers down the field, shadowing them.  The defensive back is a long strider, runs with a good back pedal, and has a lot of fluidity. He times his jumps well to knock down passes and is a good open field tackler.  His explosiveness was on display at the NFL Combine with his 41.5″ vertical jump, 135″ broad jump, and his 4.41 40-yard dash.  If the former Seminole ends up on a team that wants to use him as a returner, his upside to be the number one option at defensive back may be realized year one.

Initial thoughts: Ramsey will be an elite play maker regardless of position.  His lack of hands makes him a bit of a question mark in bigger play leagues if he is not returning kicks.  As an NFL fan, I am excited to see him play, but as a possible fantasy owner (as with all defensive backs) scheme and role with have a huge role in his fantasy-worthiness.

Thanks for reading!

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    • GPT
    • Posted April 7, 2016 at 12:20 PM
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    some in the local media are promoting him over drating QB. how do you feel he stacks up in the Draft vs. Wentz and the other QBs?

      • Andy Miley
      • Posted April 7, 2016 at 2:29 PM
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      He would be great with Haden on the other side if the Browns can make RG3 work. Best defender in the draft

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