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Each year the NFL Draft features athletes of different sizes and shapes.  The 2016 NFL Draft has a unique wide receiver, who you guessed it, looks a bit like a praying mantis aka Keyarris Garrett.kgarrett To get ready for the NFL Draft and your rookie drafts, I decided to dig a bit deeper into this Tulsa product.  After reviewing games against Memphis, New Mexico, Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma, I saw a less than perfect prospect that has much to offer the next level.  These are my thoughts:

WR-Keyarris Garrett, Tulsa 6′ 3″ 220 lbs.

Cons: For such a large man, the receiver doesn’t play with a lot of physicality, rarely generating yardage after contact.  He struggles in coming down with contested passes and has small 9″ hands.  Garrett rounds off his routes and fails to sink his hips making it harder for him to create separation.  The wide out is more of a long strider, running a 4.53 40-yard dash at the Combine and possesses some of the skinniest calves I have ever seen.

Pros: The former Tulsa product has very long arms with soft hands.  He attacks the ball at its highest point and might have the biggest catch radius of anyone in his class. The receiver uses his quick feet to get off the line of scrimmage, tracks the ball well in the air, and shields the pigskin from the defender.  Despite his 4.53 speed, Garrett can get behind the defense and make spectacular bucket catches near the sidelines.  He sometimes plays tip drills with himself to get the ball to fall in his hands while contorting in the air (amazing concentration), especially in the red zone.  The wide out is a willing receiver in the middle of the field.  Garrett lines up mostly on the outside, can absorb big hits, but will surprise would-be tacklers once and awhile with spin moves and stiff-arms in the open field.

Overall thoughts: Garrett is a big, underdeveloped possession receiver.  It might take a few years for him to become fantasy relevant, if he ever does.  Perhaps with the right coaching, he could become an NFL WR2 or WR3.  He would be a decent end of the draft stash in dynasty leagues with available taxi squad spots.

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