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Hopefully Jimmy Buffett can forgive me for the title of this article, but I did work for him for six months in Orlando at his Margaritaville restaurant.  We did meet briefly when I traded my turkey jimmysandwich to Jimmy for a cookie and an apple a few days before the restaurant opened.

As many of you might have already noticed, I have not been writing with as much frequency that I did last year. I launched the envisioning of Dynasty Blitz in April 2014 wanting to gain significant traffic to this site, and my almost daily content helped me do just that.  While the site has not been as successful as I had hoped, the site had 85,000 reads in the last fifteen months. 

The NFL slows down quite a bit during this time of year and if you aren’t a JPP owner, nothing of serious note occurred, so far.  As some of you may know, I recently accepted a local high school football coaching position along with my fulltime government job.  This will put me closer to the game I love by getting the opportunity to coach the offensive and defensive line, which is where the magic happens first.  Plus I will get the chance to call the defense for the JV team and play some “scout/look team QB” (sorry no video will be available).  I am very excited about this chance to show my football knowledge on a practical level and hopefully be a positive role model to some teens.

Even though I will continue my tradition of watching ten to twelve football games a week, three to four of those gridiron battles will be on the high school level. This will leave me with less time for college and professional games.  I plan on writing an article or two a week, but I do not know how much of my seven-day work week (practices daily after school with mostly Friday night games, Saturdays with occasional varsity games and/or JV practices, and then three to four-hour film sessions on Sunday mornings) will allow me the motivation or opportunity.

I would like to thank all of my friends who have supported the site via Paypal (Ted, Brian, Greg, Joey, Venton, Stan, Sam, Jeff, Sal, and Glenn), my former DLF teammates who always retweet my articles (Ghosty, Eric O, and Dr. Scott), Bryan F. (former co-owner of the site who is always there to help with a technical issue) and one of my best friends, Chris, who designed the logo and helped me with the site’s layout.  This is not the end of anything, just a slight re-calculation.  Also thanks to everyone that has read this blog, including my supportive wife Tara, my entire family and of course my three sources of family inspiration that have all passed on: my Uncle Jimmy, and Grandfathers Don and Herb whose love of writing and/or the game of football made this possible.


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