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Here we are smack dab in the middle or perhaps tail end of rookie fantasy football draft season.  I have been lucky enough to be in some rookie drafts that took a day or two to complete, but a few keiselothers have taken weeks to finish.  Perhaps it’s me, but I like to be quick and efficiently build my team for success by being ready to draft.  Here are some of the particularly irritating, selfish things some owners choose to do:

Sit on the clock waiting for the trade

“Look guys, I have a twelve-hour timer, I can take every minute of it, if I want”.  Yes, you certainly can take all the time you need, if you truly need it, not just to play “I’m controlling the draft”.   Truth be told, I’m the oldest of five and this sounds like the work of an only child who believes the world revolves around them.  I play dynasty fantasy football because I love the strategy and the game, not to make others wait on me.  By the way, I NEVER trade with anyone on the clock, it only encourages this “I’m taking my ball and going home” mentality.

Waiting for the owner that picks behind you to show up first

Why do this? leagues allow owners to let know them by text or email when their team is on the clock.  Many owners rely on these notifications show up when it is their turn, so the owner who is waiting on the clock might be there for quite a while.  If you know what you want, make your selection.

If you can’t draft at this time, let the commissioner or someone else know

If an owner works odd hours, doesn’t have internet access at work, cool..just let someone in your league know.  We all have lives that get filled with family, friends, commitments, work, etc.  In every league that I’ve ever been in appreciates when an owner says “I can’t pick until ____”.  Just make sure as that owner you keep your word, make the selection, and the entire league is happy as are the other people in their lives.

Act like “hey I have more important things to do than this”

One, you made a commitment to the entire league (9-31 other owners that have lives themselves).   Two, if you have better things to do, don’t be in a dynasty league or just join a free yahoo league against mostly bots.  That way you can act like you play fantasy football, but don’t really and only truly disappoint yourself.

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