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With the new Terminator movie coming out this summer, I got reminded of the rocked up, beastly former Yale running back, Tyler Varga.  He impressed me during the Senior Bowl Week by being tvargaseffective as both a fullback and a half back.  I decided to watch some of his film against Army and Harvard to get a better idea of what he brings to the NFL.  This is what I saw:

RB Tyler Varga, Yale, 5’ 11” 222 lbs.

Cons: The first thing that jumps out is that he is an upright runner, who needs to lower his shoulders and become a battering ram versus a traditional back. He isn’t the fastest of prospects as he only ran a 4.64 at his college pro day (didn’t run at Combine due to bone spurs in his ankle).  This lack of speed will probably force him into a hybrid FB/RB role in the NFL.  Varga has decent hands, but lets the ball get into his body too much, instead of snaring it in the air. 

Pros: Varga has quick feet and uses a stutter step to get away from defenders.  He is more athletic than he looks by using spin moves, jump cuts, and his impressive center of gravity.  The back might move as fast laterally as he does north and south.  Once the runner gets to the open filed, he possesses a good burst can get him past most of the defense.

He is an effective short yardage/goal line runner who keeps his legs driving and makes a habit of falling forward.  Varga can bounce off would-be tacklers and keep his feet or swat defenders out of his way.  In pass protection, the back steps into the defenders, anchors well, and can knock them back, thwarting their attempt at the quarterback.

Overall thoughts: The obvious comparison to Varga is former Buccaneer Mike Alstott.  It will take a creative offensive coordinator to find a fantasy worth role for him, but he could be a great sleeper to pick up in the last round of your rookie draft.



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