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There are a few lesser known players that many people are not discussing. One of those is inside linebacker, Kwon Alexander, from LSU for all you IDP owners.  After watching his games against kwonMississippi State and the Florida Gators, there were a few things to like and some things that raised my concerns.  Here are my thoughts:

LB Kwon Alexander, LSU 6’1” 227 lbs.

Cons: The defender is a bit on the short side and the light side weight-wise to play inside backer in the NFL.  While this certainly won’t stop him, it might make it more difficult for him to find a starting job.  He strikes me as more of a finesse player who seemed to bounce off ball carriers instead of smashing them.  Alexander also has a bad habit of guessing incorrectly.  The backer runs around blockers instead of trying to run through them on the way to the pigskin.  When he does get tangled up with blockers, it takes him too much time to disengage them to make his way to the pigskin.  Perhaps it is his size, but Alexander does not see the field well, got sealed off a lot, and made most of his tackles by the ankles.  I’m not sure how much of a pass rusher he is either.

Pros: Alexander seems limited to a 3-4 as an unblocked Will backer or an outside backer who drops back into coverage.  He has a good back pedal and is quite fluid.  The backer is very fast with 4.55 forty speed and moves almost as quickly laterally. There were times he lined up against the slot and did ok for himself, but plays his best in a zone coverage scheme.  His motor is always running and he excels more in the passing game.  Alexander can shadow running backs or tight ends in coverage if need be.

Overall thoughts:  While I like his motor, this quick footed backer might be a better special team and/or third down player than a starting linebacker.  That isn’t to say that he couldn’t be converted into a strong safety in this weak safety class.

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