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This draft class is flush with talented receivers.  The question is do you want to know the top ten or the top twenty wide outs?  The diminutive and injury prone Maryland offensive weapon Stefon diggsDiggs might not be a dynasty owners first choice, but he might be their best choice a bit later in the draft.   Unfortunately does not have a lot of game tape to view, but I did watch his efforts against Virginia and Florida International to get a better idea of what he brings to the National Football League.  Here are my thoughts:

WR Stefon Diggs, Maryland 6’ 195 lbs.

Cons: This wide out is not the healthiest of athletes.  He missed six games due to a broken leg in 2013 and missed two games with a lacerated kidney in 2014.  On the bright side, these were not joint or connective tissue issues.  Because the receiver is not that big or physical, he gets knocked around a lot all over the field.  Diggs has skinny legs on top of a smaller frame and overly excitable. This inability to contain his emotions spilled over to the gridiron with a one game suspension that got caused by his contact with an official.  He is also more of an athlete than a technically sound player, which really is clear when he runs rounded pass routes. 

Pros: This playmaker can line up outside, in the slot, in the backfield, and is a special teams ace as a returner.  Diggs has good balance and can bounce off tacklers.  He makes contested catches in traffic with soft hands and can toe-tap near the sidelines with the best of them.  The receiver has great concentration/awareness while never giving up on the play.  I saw him snag a batted ball that everyone else gave up on and race down the sidelines for a big gain.  He frees himself downfield with double moves and catches passes over his shoulder in stride.  On another amazing play, he almost fell down grabbing a long bomb, but had the presence of mind to stick his hand out in front and keep his balance all the way to the end zone.

Once he secures the ball, Diggs looks more like a running back with his excellent vision, spin moves, jump cuts, quick feet, and fights for extra yards after initial contact.  His best routes are bubble screens and wheel routes that feature his explosiveness while making the first man miss, then gets to the cut back lane.  He seems to enjoy trying to make spectacular one-handed catches.  Diggs shows a lot of effort as a run blocker attacking his defender and helps out blocking downfield after the catch as well.

Overall thoughts: While his injury plagued college career is a little concerning, Diggs has the quicks and ball skills to become a good second or third receiver in an explosive offense like a younger Jeremy Maclin.  When you are at the end of the second or early third round of your rookie drafts, remember his name.


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