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It’s the final day in Indianapolis.  NFL Network coverage starts to lag a little, because more people tune in for Rich Eisen’s forty time than they do to watch the defensive backs.  This is definitely the scoutingcombineday for hardcore dynasty owners and fans of Deon Sanders.  Here are some quick observations of mine:

CB Jalen Collins, LSU

The corner ran a respectable 4.48 forty.  He has big legs, long arms, and quick feet.  Collins used good back pedal, loose hips while showing off his soft hands in the gauntlet drill. 

S Landon Collins, Alabama

He ran a decent forty time of 4.53 which was good for his size.  The safety has a big, muscular frame which might make him a better strong safety.  The former Alabama standout has great burst, looked a little stiff in the hips, and has average hands.  Even after all that, Landon Collins is the best safety in his draft class.

CB Marcus Peters, Washington

Despite getting thrown off his college team, Peters looked like a prototypical physical corner.  He was muscular and smooth who broke quickly on the ball.  The corner did a great job tracking the pigskin in the air, but ran a less than spectacular 4.53 forty.

S Cody Prewitt, Mississippi

The safety I got to see in Mobile did not stand out in Indianapolis.  He ran a slower 4.60 forty, appeared tight hipped, got too high out of his stance, and had a few balance issues in drills.

CB/S Quinten Rollins, Miami (OH)

I have him listed as a hybrid safety/corner back because of his poor forty time of 4.57.  The former basketball point guard has the athleticism and hand-eye coordination to become quite a ball hawk at the next level.  Rollins is still quite raw, but could excel in the right defensive scheme.

S Eric Rowe, Utah

He might have been the best athletic defensive back at Indianapolis.  Rowe has a great combination of burst and fluidity along with 4.45 speed.  The former corner turned safety showed off his quick feet and change of direction skills well.

S Jaquiski Tartt, Samford

The small college safety continued his ascension showing off his big legs, long arms, and open hips.  Tartt has enough speed, 4.53, to cover most tight ends and can assist against the run.

CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State

The former Spartan certainly looked the part at the combine.  He ran a blazing 4.31 forty yard dash time, but then he is a former college sprinter.  Waynes has good acceleration, fluidity, and has the second gear most of his draft class lacks.  The corner did not have the jumping skills to match his speed though.


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