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It’s Day Two in Indianapolis and the day every dynasty owner loves the most..the offensive skill player day!  Remember we are getting a small glimpse into what each player brings to the next level, scoutingcombinenot the holy grail.  Here are some players that stood out to me during this day:

RB Ameer Abdullah, Nebraska

The powerful running back looked smooth in drills showing off his loose hips and good hands.  He ran a slower forty than thought at 4.60.

WR Nelson Agholor, USC

He had a great gauntlet drill, catching passes in stride with his soft, attacking hands.  Agholor ran a solid 4.42 forty time, but his day ended early due to a dislocated finger.

RB Jay Ajayi, Boise State

Ajayi has big legs and ran a bit tight.  He ran a 4.57 forty yard dash and showed decent hands in drills.

WR Sammie Coates, Auburn

The big, powerful receiver ran a speedy 4.43 forty for his size.  He looks a bit robotic catching the ball, including some body trapping.  Coates has some issues tracking deeper passes, but has good leaping skills.

RB David Cobb, Minnesota

He ran a 4.81 forty yard dash, but he appeared to have pulled his hamstring on his initial run and did not participate in any other drills.  Game tape study will need to suffice for now.

WR Amari Cooper, Alabama

Every time he runs I think of Rob Thomas and Santana’s song “Smooth”.  Cooper has thin legs, shows good concentration, and attacks the ball with his silky soft hands.  The receiver has good footwork and catches the ball well in stride.  He doesn’t seem to get off the ground well and might be limited to shorter routes.

RB Mike Davis, South Carolina

The running back ran a slower 4.61 forty than originally thought.  He is barrel chested and big, thick legs.  Davis uses his quick feet well, possesses decent hands, and has loose hips than help him change directions.

WR Stefon Diggs, Maryland

He ran a clean 4.46 forty yard dash.  Diggs was explosive with good hands, hopefully the wide out can overcome his injuries at the next level.

WR Phillip Dorsett, Miami

Some might be disappointed with his 4.33 forty time, but I would gladly trade the extra .5 seconds for his improvement catching the pigskin.  He was very fluid snaring the ball out of the air, making  receptions in stride.  Dorsett recovered from a false step, kept his balance to make a toe-tapping reception.

RB Michael Dyer, Louisville

The powerfully built runner looked a bit stiff running drills.  He ran a slower forty 4.58, but will need to improve greatly to get drafted considering his past transgressions.

WR/TE Devin Funchess, Michigan

While he is a big, thick muscular weapon, his forty yard dash of 4.70 might make him more of a move tight end than a wide receiver.  Funchess is much quicker than fast, but can adjust well to the ball in the air.  The playmaker let the ball too much into his body a few times though.

RB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin

Gordon had a good combine showing off his loose hips while accelerating, but only ran a 4.52 forty.  He changes directions quickly and uses his soft hands well.  His main competition at the top, Todd Gurley, did not even allow any NFL medical staffs to check out his injured knee.

WR Doral Green-Beckham, Missouri

The troubled wide out had a great forty time for his size (4.49), but struggled with strength and explosion on his jumps.  DGB is very fluid and has an impressive catch radius; however, his lack of leaping ability is troubling combined with his off field issues.  This certainly will cause him to tumble-down some rankings.

QB Brett Hundley, UCLA

He has a big, muscular build.  The quarterback has a strong arm, but focuses too much on his first read.

RB David Johnson, Northern Iowa

The tall and powerful Johnson ran a decent 4.50 forty time.  He has fantastic hands, good balance, but is more of a long strider.  There is still the chance that he gets converted to an h-back at the next level.

RB Duke Johnson, Miami

Johnson has amazing foot frequency, and changes directions almost effortlessly.  His soft hands stood out in the passing drills, but many people only envision him as a change of pace/third down back.

RB Jeremy Langford, Michigan State

The runner has big, strong legs that he used well to run a blazing 4.42 forty for the fastest time at his position.  Langford sinks his hips to make cuts and looked good catching the ball away from his body.

WR Tyler Lockett, Kansas State

One of my favorite receiver sleepers ran a 4.40 forty.  He looked explosive, tracks the ball well in the air, shows off soft hands, and makes the catch at the highest point.  Lockett adjusted to poorly thrown passes using good footwork and fiery competitiveness.

WR Vince Mayle, Washington State

The wide out ran a slow 4.67 forty yard dash.  He is more of a long strider who fought the ball today by letting it into his body too much.  Mayle does a god job tracking the ball in the air.

QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon

Mariota ran a fast forty yard dash at 4.52.  He has quick feet, looks very fluid throwing the ball, and shows good accuracy with his targets.

WR Ty Montgomery, Standford

He had a disappointing forty yard dash at 4.55.  The wide out was inconsistent catching the ball, but is a powerfully built man with stout legs.

WR JJ Nelson, UAB

The diminutive receiver ran a blazing 4.28 forty yard dash.  Nelson exploded down the field, tracked the ball well in the air, and showed off soft hands.

QB Bryce Petty, Baylor

The raw signal caller has good arm strength and throws perfect spirals.  He needs a few seasons to become a starter in the NFL.

WR DeVante Parker, Louisville

The former Louisville receiver had an impressive forty time for his size (4.45).  Parker adjusts well to the ball in the air, makes catches in stride, and attacks the ball with his soft hands.  He cemented his first round status today.

WR Devin Smith, Ohio State

Smith finds the ball well in the air and ran a respectful 4.42 forty dash.  He runs a limited route tree and might be a better WR3/returner than a fulltime starter.

WR Jaelen Strong, Arizona State

My man crush ran a fast forty time of 4.44 for a man his size 6′ 2″ 217 lbs.  The wide out had a good vertical jump of 42 inches which showed off his basketball background and explains his ability to box out defensive backs.  Strong is still quite raw as a receiver, but has the athleticism and big hands to become a solid NFL receiver.

WR Kevin White, West Virginia

White plucks the ball well out of the air and does a great job of making the reception in stride.  He is powerfully built and ran an explosive 4.35 forty yard dash.  The wide out might have leapfrogged Cooper by being more athletic.

QB Jameis Winston, Florida State

The young quarterback showed good touch on his passes.  He had a solid base and had the proper footwork.  Word on the internet is that he is doing well in interviews with teams and seems to more mature.

RB TJ Yeldon, Alabama

He is powerfully built and ran with tight hips.  Yeldon looked a bit robotic, but showed off some good hands.  It might take him some time to be fully healthy.

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