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In this weekly column, I typically explore some young players who haven’t made much of a consistent impact to date on their fantasy football teams. Some players may be available on your waiver cmikewire, some may be available via a cheap or moderate trade. Acquiring or not acquiring one of these players could decide how well your dynasty or keeper team does for the next few years.  This week I take a look at the two young Seahawks running backs: Robert Turbin and Christine Michael.  These two are particularly interesting considering reports are that Seattle will walk away from all-pro  runner Marshawn Lynch after this season.

RB-Robert Turbin, SEA- This third year back is more of a change of pace back, than a lead back.  He didn’t get on the field until near the end of the first quarter, but made a huge impact right away.  After lining up beside Russell Wilson in the shotgun formation, he ran a short wheel route with no one in coverage and hugged the sidelines screaming down the field for the only touchdown of the night.  Turbin caught the ball in stride with soft hands, showing good burst and vision on the way to the end zone.  Lynch had been split out wide on that play confusing the defensive coverage.

The Seahawks started to use both he and Lynch beside Wilson in the shotgun as the threat of either getting the ball was enough to freeze the linebackers giving more time for the underneath receivers to get open. His pass blocking isn’t anything special, but he does get in front of his man and slows them down somewhat.   Turbin sold his fake handoffs well and then could sneak into the flat for more pass targets in stride. The third year back has good speed and elusiveness, but does not have a lot of leg drive.  He takes what is blocked for him, but does not create space of his own.   I question his conditioning as he looks his best with his first five touches of the game and seems to fade if used more than that.  Perhaps he can be used more like Percy Harvin, giving him chances in space and lining him up in the slot where he can be more effective.  To me Turbin is a role player, who could surprise into a Justin Forsett type of back, but unfortunately that Forsett gamble took seven years to pay off.

RB-Christine Michael, SEA- Dynasty owners were sky-high on him after he got drafted in the second round last year, but that hasn’t exactly paid off in any meaningful playing time in either of his first two seasons.  Sometimes with his hype train rolling, it’s hard to believe he has only 37 NFL touches for just over 200 yards and no touchdowns so far.  Heck, it doesn’t impress that Michael saw the field for the first time halfway thru the second quarter, got a carry and wasn’t seen again until the fourth quarter.  Perhaps that has to do with his poor pass blocking, Michael whiffed on a cut block that Wilson almost got smashed on.  Then again the second year back struggled with injuries and attitude problems in college, and that might have continued into the NFL.

Despite all of his issues, Michael looks explosive taking a swing out pass catching the ball with soft hands, shows good vision, and follows his blockers well.  The back has quick feet and runs behind his pads delivering bigger hits than he is taking.  He makes a point to always fall forward and seems to enjoy delivering hits.  Both he and Lynch make this Seahawk offensive line look better than it is. Chances are next year that Lynch will not be back and Michael will handle most of the 1st and 2nd down work with Turbin playing more of the 3rd down and change of pace back role. This makes it a prime time to try to get this backfield cheaply before Lynch leaves.  Michael should be fully healthy with a coach that believes in him.

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