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Every year the NFL starts with the pageantry of the Hall of Fame inductions the night before the first preseason game of the year.  Unfortunately, it’s the game itself that is always a letdown.  This year’s New York Giants against the Buffalo Bills HOFwas no different.  Here are some brief thoughts that got based on the first half.  Keep in mind, there were only a few nuggets of information, but each piece adds up.

Fred Jackson- The older runner still has a little burst yet as he looked silky smooth.  Jackson is great at keeping his balance and fighting forward for extra yardage.  Oh, and all the Bryce Brown owners temper your enthusiasm about his playing time.  Brown was the fourth Buffalo runner to touch the ball and only did so once in the first half, after former 49er  Anthony Dixon.

Rashad Jennings- The revamped Giants offensive line had issues creating running lanes up the middle for him; despite that, Jennings looked great catching the ball and running in space.  His current back-up, rookie Andre Williams, looked explosive running between the tackles against the Bills second team defense.  The former Boston College runner has quick feet, good balance, leans forward, and ran well inside scoring a short yardage touchdown.  They could make quite the running duo.

Neither Eli Manning nor EJ Manual did anything to impress anyone.  The surprising part of the Bills passing game was former Tampa wide out Mike Williams  running with the ones while second year Robert Woods played with the second team.  Woods appeared more explosive, caught the ball in stride, and came down with a good catch in the end zone.

No one defensively jumped out at me on either side.  It’s early in the preseason process, so that’s to be expected.  At least now we can say, the real NFL season is less than five weeks away.

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