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The dynasty fantasy world is all-in on rookie players like Sammy Watkins, Mike Evans, Eric Ebron, and Johnny Manziel.   Dynasty fantasy football championships are many times made by taking a different direction than most fantasyellington general managers would try.  One of those players is San Francisco 49ers receiver Bruce Ellington.  If you look at their receiving core, the rookie is not close to making an impact this season with Michael Crabtree, Anquan Boldin, and Stevie Johnson in front of him.  Also Colin Kaepernick made his big 2014 contract more by running the ball than by passing it.  The great equalizer in dynasty fantasy football is time and talent.  Ellington has both of those in spades.  After re-watching four of his 2013 college games against Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, and Vanderbilt, I am even more confident of his talent and his long-term outlook.  Let’s discuss what he brings to the table:

Yes, Ellington is not a huge receiver.  He is only 5’ 9” tall, but he looks and moves more like a running back than a wide out with his good balance and strong, powerful leg drive.  The receiver does not always pluck the ball out of the air and catches the ball a great deal of the time by trapping the pigskin with his body.  This is concerning because it allows the ball to travel longer and has a better chance of getting bobbled.  Ellington also makes spectacular catches, but his fighting the ball into his hands is frustrating.   He always seems to find a way to contort himself into making the reception though.  This is ideal because Ellington can get open down field while Kaepernick is creating space with his feet.

The young receiver accelerates quickly off the line of scrimmage and changes directions with ease.  Ellington gets lined up all over the formation: in the slot, on the outside, and occasionally at wing back.  He catches the ball well in traffic everywhere on the field including in the middle between multiple defenders.  It’s his wiggle that helps Ellington get separation and may remind you of his cousin Andre Ellington who plays running back for the Cardinals.  The little things separate him from other players like his amazing concentration along with sideline awareness.  Ellington is constantly keeping his legs moving, uses a few spin moves, and/or a nice stiff-arm to break tackles.

Not only can he track the ball well deep down the field, Ellington excels in the screen game by reading his blockers to find seams down the field, weaving around creating space.  The receiver does a good job shielding the ball from the defender and is willing to lay all out to make a catch, fully extending to get to the pigskin.  It’s sometimes hard to believe that football is his second love.  Ellington started at point guard for South Carolina too.  He is willing to contribute wherever the team needs are.  The wide out blocks well down field on both running and passing plays.  He can throw a spiral if you need a trick play like he did on a reverse to his quarterback against Arkansas if I remember correctly.  Ellington is also a good punt returner with his good vision, lateral agility, and break-away speed.  I’m willing to sit on him for a year or two, much like the people that drafted his cousin last season did.

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