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The next impactful IDP player I want to discuss is the new Denver Broncos first round cornerback, former Ohio State Bradley Roby.  He had a few substance abuse issue reports that popped up close to the NFL Draft that helped him slide into the end of the first roundroby.  If he can take care of those issues, there is no reason to believe that he cannot make his mark in the NFL this season and on your IDP fantasy squad.  Because I am a huge Michigan Wolverines fan, the former Buckeye Roby is no stranger to me.  I re-watched four of his 2013 games against my beloved Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Penn State to get a better feel for what skill set he brings into the NFL.

The most important game I viewed, Wisconsin, had Roby lined up against Jared Abbrederis, whom got drafted by the Green Bay Packers.  The young cornerback became visibly frustrated by Abbrederis’ quick cuts and double moves while Roby kept on biting on the fakes in the Badger backfield.  Wisconsin had a tendency to run more than they passed, and Roby had difficulty making the adjustments necessary to contain the talented receiver. He sometimes gets caught up in the physical battles and loses the mental war.  This was the low point in his 2013 season, but there is plenty of talent to build upon.  For instance, he contained some people’s fantasy darling Indiana’s Cody Latimer for almost their entire game save for one catch that he missed the tackle on.

Roby is a versatile corner because he can play off coverage and man up equally well.  The corner reacts quickly to the ball in the air, keeps his hands on the receiver in tight coverage, while clicking and closing quickly (gets to the receiver in a hurry).  He might be the most physical corner because Roby is willing to step up and hit offensive players in the mouth.  Roby can blitz off the edge and plays well on run support.  He is not afraid to stick his head into danger.  When the corner is blitzing, Roby does a great job getting his hands up knocking down and/or disrupting the passing lane.  He has loose hips and does a good job reading the quarterback, especially playing off man coverage.

His speed and determination on plays should not be underestimated.  Roby chased Jeremy Gallon over 60 yards down the field to prevent a touchdown and many times would be the last line of defense making touchdown saving tackles.  He does a good job wrapping up ball carriers, usually going for their ankles.  The young corner also times his hits well by separating the ball from the receiver right when the ball arrives.  Roby should see a huge amount of targets with Aqib Talib on the opposite side and Peyton Manning slinging the ball around.  This will give him plenty of opportunities for tackles, pass breakups, and interceptions that will make him a valuable CB2 on your dynasty team, especially when you factor in the rookie corner rule.  Roby should be available later in your rookie drafts.

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