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The Senior Bowl ( has been a part of the college players transition to professional football since 1950.  This game has raised the profiles of future NFL players and the charitable efforts in Mobil, Alabama.  I will be analyzing some of the players in the Senior Bowl who stood out to me.  I tend to focus on the offense, but I discuss a few outstanding defenders as well.  If you are looking for Senior Bowl practice notes, please check out and/or and follow @ShanePHallam and/or @RookieDraft (aka Joe Everett) on twitter.  Shane and Joe were great interviews on my Dynasty Blitz podcasts ( breaking down some of these players before the all-star game circuit.  Today, I will be discussing many of the key players that hopefully will transition to the NFL and make an impact on your fantasy teams.

WR Joe Adams (Arkansas) – Adams was one of the most dynamic players on the field.  He demonstrated good hands, separation from the defenders, and turned up the field quickly with explosion.  The sideline is his friend and he uses whatever position he is on the field to help set up his blockers.  Adams has a great spin move, but he did cough up the ball on his second catch of the day in mid-spin.  For the rest of the article click here:

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