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Dynasty fantasy football never takes a break and neither do I.  For the last few weeks, I have taken a few notes here and there about the college players that have caught my eye while watching the many bowl games.  I have had some great conversations with Joe Everett and Shane Hallam about most of these prospects on my last three podcasts

Here are some of my thoughts about these players.  Keep in mind these thoughts are not fully developed; however they might give you a jumping off point if you are trying to get a general feel of these players.  Unless I mention it, these are my thoughts of their bowl game play only.

RB- Vick Ballard (Mississippi State)- He broke two long TD runs (60 yarder, 72 yarder) which showed some decent speed.  The other carries were not very impressive: however, he is good in space.  Ballard looks like a NFL RBBC (running back by committee ) guy to me.

TE- George Bryan (NC State)- He was slow and did not have great hands, but showed a willingness to block downfield after the catch.  Bryan reminded me of KC’s Leonard Pope (big guy with some skills, but not a dominate TE).

DE- Quinton Coples (NC State)- He was big and strong, but looked winded early.  As far as dominate playmaker, I only saw a player that turned it on when he wanted.  Coples will need to have his motor running all the time if he wants to be successful in the NFL.

TE- Michael Egnew (Mississippi)- He ran a lot of pass patterns, but was not targeted often.  Egnew did not make many attempts to block after the catch was made, and when he did he was very ineffective.  Egnew seems a little too finesse to be a starting TE.  I would compare him to a lesser Dennis Pitta.

TE- Tyler Eifert (Notre Dame)-  He is a tough kid who caused defenders to bounce off him.  Eifert showed a lot of quickness and agility who could also sky for the ball.  He reminded me of a young Todd Heap before he became a good blocker for the Ravens.

WR- Michael Floyd (Notre Dame)- He did a great job of attacking the ball at its highest point.  Floyd reminded me of Keyshawn Johnson as he was big and slow.  He showed amazing hand-eye coördination for his TD catch, but could have had an easier time if he would have concentrated on the football first.

WR- Jeff Fuller (Texas A&M)-  He is a big guy who looked more like a TE than a WR.  Fuller caught the ball at the highest point and concentrated on making the tough catch.  He wasn’t overly fast or quick, but worked well shielding the defenders from the ball.

RB- Terrance Ganaway (Baylor)- He looked like BJGE to me.  Ganaway had a big bowl game rushing for over 200 yards and 5 TDs.  He runs well in short yardage and when his blockers keep the defense away from him.  He could be a valuable part of a RBBC.

TE- Ladarius Green (UL-LaFayette)- He is a big, one-dimensional pass catching TE.  Green reminded me of Dustin Keller type as he caught the ball well, but not a dynamic player.  He could be very effective in a high pass offense similar to New Orleans.

QB- Robert Griffin III (Baylor)- He was calmer in the pocket than I expected.  Griffin was a true team player as helped block to spring a TD run.  He did a good job breaking tackles on his 24 yard TD run.  Griffin does throw rainbows (high arching passes) at times.  I thought he tried to do too much at times and maybe less is more (better decoy than a weapon).

WR- Dwight Jones (NC State)- He jumped to get the ball at its highest point.  Jones is a big, strong WR and reminds me a bit of Malcolm Floyd.  He did have some concentration issues as he dropped a few passes he should not have.

QB- Landry Jones (Oklahoma)- He did not stand out in this matchup.  Jones seemed to be dependant on his receivers instead of the other way around.  He checked down the ball a lot and left the field for some goal line work.

WR- Jermaine Kearse (Washington)- He was great at finding a soft spot in the zone.  Kearse is a big strong guy who is a cross between Vincent Jackson and the before mentioned Malcolm Floyd.  He showed good speed on his 80 yard TD reception.

QB- Ryan Lindley (San Diego State)- He demonstrated that he is a systems QB.  I did not find him especially athletic, but he is gritty and has a lot of heart.  Lindley may have a future as a #2 QB in the NFL.

WR- Marvin McNutt (Iowa)- He was targeted plenty, but did little with those targets.  McNutt did get hurt and showed decent quickness and agility.  I thought he looked like a #3 or #4 NFL WR, please remember this reflects his less than stellar bowl play.

RB- Doug Martin (Boise State)- My first impression was he is smooth like Fred Jackson. He returned a kick for a TD at the beginning of the bowl game.  He has a lot of agility/wiggle and was always moving forward.  Martin has a nose for the end zone as well.  I really like him as a running back you can get at the back of the 1st round of rookie drafts.

RB- Isiah Pead (Cincinnati)- He showed great vision and cut back ability.  Pead looks like a poor man’s CJ Spiller as he looks very good in space, but needs the clean lane to be most effective.  I’m not sure he can handle the pounding of the NFL, but could be a productive part of a RBBC.

RB- Chris Polk (Washington)- Polk ran hard and ran over a defender.  He was used well in the passing game.  I compare him to Michael Bush with less wiggle.  Polk relies a lot on his blockers as he can’t make plays himself.  He had a big 56 yard TD run and showed decent straight line speed.

WR- Mohammed Sanu (Rutgers)- He reminded me of Jericho Cotchery as he was a physical guy, but not overly fast or quick.  Sanu should be a productive #3 WR in the NFL and could have some fantasy upside on a pass-happy team.

RB- Isi Sofale (California)- He was the skinniest back I have seen this year.  He reminds me of a cross between DeSean Jackson and Dexter McCluster, but even lighter than both of them.  I don’t think he will hold up against NFL defenders.

QB- Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M)- He was mobile and had a great connection with WR Jeff Fuller.  Tannehill floats passes at times, but shows good pocket presence.  He reminded me of a cross between Christian Ponder and Matt Moore.  I expect him to be a starting productive NFL QB is a year or two.  As a converted WR, Tannehill needs more seasoning at the QB position first.

RB- Adonis Thomas (Toledo)-  He is another thin slashing RB like Jahvid Best.  Thomas had a beautiful 41 yard TD run and he sets up his blockers well.  He has good burst and can make defenders miss.  He should be a productive 3rd down RB and may develop into more,

WR- Jordan White (Western Michigan)- He is a smooth runner with good hands.  White got behind the defense for a 49 yard TD reception.  He looked like a man among boys in his bowl game and reminded me of Green Bay’s James Jones.  He isn’t Greg Jennings, but he still can be productive in the NFL.

WR- Kendall Wright (Baylor)- He did a great job using his size and strength getting into the end zone.  Wright displayed good agility and quick feet to gain separation from defenders.  He reminded me of Jeremy Maclin, but a little more durable.

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