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The new NFL logo went into use at the 2008 draft.

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Every week during the preseason and season, I will throw out some quick observations of the previous NFL week.  With the invention of the DVR and Directv’s “Quick Bits”, I am able to watch every snap of every game and give you a lightning “blitz” war “krieg” to bring to your fantasy league for domination.

Blaine “Sunshine” Gabbert was decent in his debut and was targeting Jason Hill a lot. Garrard better heal that back up, soon.  Rashard Jennings looked quick/smooth hitting the hole.  Draft him in the 10th round for depth.

Aaron Hernandez looked healthy catching passes, but be careful as he fumbled twice and Gronk didn’t play.

Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson didn’t waste any time.  With Gates banged up, look for V-Jax to be very active this year.

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