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What kind of trader are you? Are you the free wheeling dealer? Are you the guy who worries about another owner getting over on you? Are you a trader that likes to offer only fair trades the first time? Maybe your style is to take a little hit now to build equity for later trades?

Maybe you are the guy who is always looking to win every trade? Are you the owner that sends out a ridiculous offer to gauge interest? Are you the guy that sits on trades forever hoping that they expire or get taken back? Or maybe you just hit reject without giving a reason why? If you are more about the second set of questions, this article might not be for you…

Those are all great ways to not make that many trades in a dynasty league and/or any other kind of league. The thing that is unique about dynasty leagues is that the owners hopefully are constants, aka the same owners year after year and relationships count. You may never be friends or friendly with everyone in your league, but at least you can find out their needs, help teams acquire what they want, and assist them if you can. To use Matt “Wildman” Waldman’s “The Audible” sound bite: it’s like making love to a beautiful woman.

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