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While we have no idea where any of these players will be drafted, I am releasing my top-20 rankings as of April 23, 2011.

Please keep in mind these are not where I see these players going in the NFL Draft.  These are based on the tackle heavy leagues with a slight bonus for special team play.  I hope this helps you early rookie drafters.  So without further ado:

1. OLB-Von Miller from Texas A&M – He is this draft’s best pass rusher, maybe it is my Steeler’s glasses, but I can see him being a James Harrison type fantasy LB. (no change in ranking)

2. OLB/ILB- Martez Wilson from Illinois- He is the most complete LB in this draft and can play anywhere, not sure which LB spot he projects best. (no change in ranking)

3. DE/OLB-Aldon Smith from Missouri- His presence will demand double teams at the next level and I’m not sure that will be enough. (moved up 1 spot).

4. OLB-Mason Foster from Washington- He just makes plays and is very consistent (moved up 1 spot).

5.OLB-Bruce Carter from North Carolina- His game is pure athleticism. He is recovering well from his ACL surgery and the latest reports are stating he will be fully recovered before the start of the season. He would move up to top 3 if not top 2 once fully recovered (moved up 9 spots).

6. CB-Patrick Peterson from LSU- Most scouts are saying “simply the cleanest pick” which means he is the least likely to bust or disappoint.  His presence will help out any secondary and every special team unit he is on.  One of the best returners in this draft class (moved up 1 spot).

7. CB-Prince Amukamara from Nebraska- He is one of the most dominant CBs in this draft and is a ball hawk (moved up 1 spot).

8. DE-Robert Quinn from North Carolina- He was a superior DE during his limited college career; however, it was well documented Quinn missed his senior year. He looks the part, but Quinn must improve his run defense and needs to work on a second pass rush move (moved down 3 spots).

9. OLB-Akeem Ayers from UCLA- He is quite the finesse athlete, but not a physical force.  Playing LB in the NFL will be a more physical role, hopefully he is up to the task.  He definitely has the tools to succeed (moved down 3 spots).

10. DE-Cameron Jordan from California- He is the most versatile defensive lineman. Jordan can play DE in a 3-4 or 4-3 and could play DT for a 4-3 in a pinch. Probably the most complete DL as he plays the rush as well as the pass even though he isn’t truly dominant in either (no change in ranking).

11. DE-JJ Watt from Wisconsin- When I look at Watt I see an Aaron Smith type DE.  Watt will anchor a d-line and take on two blockers.  He will be effective in the run stuffing game and will be able to apply pressure in the passing game. His best football is in front of him  (no change in ranking).

12. DE-Adrian Clayborn from Iowa- He had a great junior season with 11.5 sacks, but that number dropped to 3.5 in his senior season.  He has damage to his right arm which gives him a glaring weakness in some teams eyes.  Playing in the Big Ten, he was highly effective; however, teams maybe able to find schemes that limit his production. Clayborn has a big motor and should be able to overcome (no change in ranking).

13. CB-Brandon Harris from U of Miami- Some say he is a track guy in a CB’s body.  I disagree as he was avoided in his junior year, while not a physical corner, he is an effective CB and should see a lot of targets flying his way.  Simply opposite QBs will target his side of the field and he will cause some havoc  (no change in ranking).

14.  S-Rahim Moore from USC- He is a CB trapped in a safety’s body. Moore will be on the field as a safety and may get to cover the slot man. I think he will start and produce from day 1 (moved up 6 spots).

15. DE-Da’Quan Bowers from Clemson- He had a knee injury in 2009 and had surgery on that knee after the 2010 season. Bowers hasn’t yet fully recovered.  His knee may at some point require microfracture surgery.  He is extremely effective against the run and needs to work on his pass rushing, but he has the ability to be a commanding DE in the NFL (moved down 6 spots).

16. ILB-Quan Sturdivant from North Carolina- He is a “tackling machine” and works well within the line of scrimmage.  Get him in space, Sturdivant is not as effective.  I think he best projects as a strong side LB (no change in ranking).

17. ILB-Colin McCarthy from U of Miami-he is strong and tough at the point of attack. McCarthy is a tough worker whose motor is always running.  He isn’t the most physically gifted LB, but will do what it takes to play football  (moved down 2 spots).

18. DT-Marcell Dareus from Alabama- I’m going to make it easy: Mr. Dareus is a younger, less experienced Haloti Ngata.  He can be very effective against the run and will be very stout vs the pass.  His only drawback will be how effective he will be for your fantasy team  (moved down 1 spot).

19. CB/SS-Aaron Williams from Texas- He is a big play guy who can also block punts.  He plays the position very physically and may project to be more of a SS than a CB in the NFL (previously unranked).

20. ILB-Kelvin Sheppard from LSU- He is another tackle machine with 226 tackles total in his last two seasons.  Sheppard flows well to the ball, but plays high and has issues reading trick plays.  Will be a solid LB, but not a great choice in leagues that have high bonuses for sacks or turnovers (moved down 2 spots).

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