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Day 2 of the NFL Combine is in the books and all offensive players have been weighed, measured, and competed at least to some degree.  First of all, Cam Newton TV was in all its glory; this got in the way of some good running back drills, but I digress.  I wrote an article, Truth or Mirage: Offensive Players to Watch Closely at the Combine, before the combine about some players I wanted to watch closely.  Let’s reflect on what we discovered:

WR- Greg Little – He missed all of 2010 with illegal contact with an agent; Little performed very well in the drills.  Unfortunately, news broke out that his interviews with the teams left a lot to be desired.  There were reports that Little was not very forth coming with his answers and left some teams with serious character concerns.  He could be this year’s Tampa Bay Mike Williams and redeem himself or not.  Greg Little is a bigger question mark now than he was earlier in the week.

RB – Jacquizz Rodgers – There were many, including myself, that had concerns about his size.  Rodgers came in heavier and looked a bit more muscular.  He has very quick feet and reminded me of Kansas City’s Dexter McCluster as he really doesn’t have a defined role in the NFL.  He looked good in drills that utilized his lateral quickness.  It will depend on who drafts him whether Rodgers has fantasy relevance.

WR – Jerrel Jernigan – Does the big man on campus from Troy have NFL skills?  Yes, he does.  Jernigan was not outstanding in any one thing, but did everything well.  I envision his rookie year similar to Brandon Tate of the Patriots.  He should get on the field as a #3 or #4 WR as well as make plays in the return game.

RB – Ryan Williams – My first impressions of him were that he was strong and powerful.  Other than Mark Ingram and Mikel Leshoure, Williams stood out as someone that had true lead running back potential.  The majority of the running backs at the combine looked like third down or short yardage  backs.  One of his main competitors, Daniel Thomas from Kansas State, did not perform at the combine.

TEs- Virgil Green and Julius Thomas – Both had good combines, but Green appeared to be the TE that could have a bigger impact in 2011.  Green excelled in running, catching, and jumping.  Green’s gauntlet performance was up and down.  I am not sure how Green will develop in time.   Thomas, however, ran angry and had a very good gauntlet drill.  He looked to be a better raw athlete than Green and was very focused.  I believe that Thomas will have a better career; however, he might not be seen until 2012 to allow him time to develop.

RB – Dion Lewis – Somehow he got smaller than everyone thought.  His lack of height, weight, and straight ahead speed were originally concerning.  Well, until Lewis got a chance to show off his lateral quickness.  He had a great cone drill and demonstrated great balance while moving around in tight spaces.  Lewis does not look like an every down back, but could have a Justin Forsett/Danny Woodhead type of role.

WR – Edmond Gates – Wow, of the eight players I selected, Gates impressed me the most and then some.  Shannon Sharpe of the NFL Network said he looked like Greg Jennings of the Packers.  Gates tracked the ball well in the air and showed great jumping ability.  He had a great gauntlet and really looked ready to contribute right away.  Gates showed excellent hands, but may have tweaked a hamstring while running drills.  He is someone you want to keep track of in the second round of a rookie draft.

Some rookie values went up as in the case of Edmund Gates,  Jacquizz Rodgers, and Ryan Williams.  Others kept the status quo: Jerrel Jernigan, Dion Lewis, and Julius Thomas.  These two rookies performed well on the field, while also showing some flaws: Greg Little and Virgil Green. Remember a lot can change between now and the end of April.

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